COD Black Ops Cold War Alpha - Lobby Not Joinable, Can't play with friends Errors & Problems

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War alpha has just started, and it is allowing lots of folks to take an early look at the game. Lots of things are still subject to change, and few are set in stone. Of course, bugs, glitches and other technical issues are to be expected, since it’s an alpha, but that doesn’t make experiencing them any less frustrating. If you’re having difficulties, this guide will show you a list of known Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War alpha errors & problems, how to solve or avoid them when possible.

cod cold war lobby is not joinable
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Alpha Errors & Problems

Lobby is not joinable – Not Able To Find A Match

Many players reported Lobby is not joinable issue when try loading into a match. Unfortunately on the official Call of Duty twitter account the only information we found didn’t give us much hope: “We don’t have a confirmed fix or updates on the “This lobby is not joinable” issue yet. We’ll update when Treyarch provides more information!

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Error code: CE-34878-0

CE-34878-0 is a general PlayStation error that indicates the game you are playing has crashed. If this error continues showing up you should turn off your console and then turn it back on, or install any game updates that are available.

Umbrella merge conflict

Some players reported Umbrella merge conflict error. The best solution we found so far is to restart your game client and try again to get into a match if you’re seeing this error.

Can’t play with friends

In Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War you can play with your friends but if you have any problems when trying to invite friends to join your party there is a simple solution. It will be much easier if you are Activision friends too. For some reason it sometimes doesn’t work if you are just PS4 friends. Thus, add them in game to Activision friends list. Your friend should join you through the Activision social system.

The alpha is freely available to all Playstation 4 players, and it weighs about 25 GB. The starting time is set for 10 AM PDT on September 18th, and you don’t need a PS Plus subscription in order to play (unless you’re in Germany, in which case you do). Since you’ll be doing the developers a favor by testing out the unfinished product, you’ll get a unique calling card as a sign of gratitude.

The alpha will include three game modes – Team Deathmatch, Domination and Kill Confirmed. All three are meant for two teams of six, and can be played across three maps. Team Deathmatch is all about two teams killing each other to death – it’s in the name. Domination is a classic control point struggle, and Kill Confirmed is pretty much Team Deathmatch with added bells and whistles – you’ll have to collect dog tags from fallen enemies in order to score points. Of the three maps included, two are urban – Miami and Moscow. The third, Satellite, is set in the Angolan desert.

There will also be a new 12v12 mode called Combined Arms: Domination. It’s basically just a bigger Domination, with vehicles and whatnot. There will be two maps for it – Armada, which is set on some ships in the North Atlantic, and Crossroads, which takes place in the frozen Soviet wilderness.

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    the solution is just make sure your psn linked account to activison account is the account you’re using rn

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    Mines says connecting but never connects I downloaded and updated Cold War off my system storage I don’t understand why it isn’t working still

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