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Cyberpsycho sightings are a side job activity in Cyberpunk 2077 and most if not all require you to send information to Regina to complete them. Regina Jones is a special fixer that will contact you each time you discover one of these side jobs. She’s am ex journalist investigating Cyberpsycho sightings and trying to help them. This cyber psychosis is a treatable condition in her opinion. The problem most players are encountering is how to complete these quests. At the end of each you need to contact Regina and somehow relay the information you found out to her. Here’s a quick few tips to help you send information to Regina in Cyberpunk 2077 and show you how to read shards to complete cyberpsycho sightings.Send Information to Regina Cyberpunk

How to Send Information to Regina?

After you’ve collected all the necessary evidence you will be prompted to send the information to Regina and to do so you need to open your game menu and go into the messages section, bellow journal. Screenshot bellow shows where that’s located. Once inside scroll down until you see Regina Jones and select her to see conversations with her. Highlight the conversation concerning the Cyberpsycho sighting you are doing at that moment. You should have a small orange reply button next to the active job’s conversation. The right hand side should have the initial message from Regina to you and bellow it should be your potential answer colored teal. Click on the teal reply of yours and that should send the information to Regina and complete the Cyberpsycho sighting. Make sure you read all the shards pertaining to the quest before sending the information.

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Cyberpunk How to Read Shards?

Most of these sighting tasks have you looking for evidence in form of information shards, after you defeat the cyberpsyhco. Most of the time the most important shard is located on the body of the defeated enemy or very close to where he was at. For example, during the “Where the bodies hit the floor” sighting you have to pick up the shard on the defeated guy and the shard next to the trash container he was next to when the fight broke out. To read shards you need to press Z when the game prompts you to after pick up. In case you missed that prompt go into your main inventory game menu and go to journal. Select shards section bellow the journal. Scroll all the way to the bottom to unnamed shards. Click on each just in case so you’ve read them all. Now send the information you’ve discovered to Regina as described above and you should complete the gig.

Just remember that Regina wants you to spare the cyberpsycho’s lives in each and every case. This means that you should defeat them with a non-lethal weapon. Non lethal weapons are clubs and other blunt melee weapons. There are also weapon mods that can turn any of your firearms into non lethal version when the mod is slotted. You can then use that to disable cyberpsychos. If you want to see how we read the shards and sent the information to Regina then check out this video on our Youtube channel.

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