Cyberpunk 2077 Will Let You Attack Almost Everyone

CD Projekt Red is apparently going to let you attack and kill almost any rando on the streets of Night City. The only exceptions will be children and (sadly) plot-critical NPCs. Other than that, you’ll be free to kill and maim as you please. Before the police swoop in and imprison you, I’d imagine. Why would you wanna do that in the first place? I dunno. Maybe the traffic jam made you really angry, I don’t know your life.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Will Let You Attack Almost Everyone
Cyberpunk 2077 Will Let You Attack Almost Everyone

So, what’s one of the staples of Cyberpunk as a genre, and, more specifically, the Cyberpunk 2020 pen and paper RPG? Violence. Well, not necessarily, but one of the pillars of the setting is a merciless, dog-eat-dog world. And, naturally, violence is sometimes gonna be the only answer. Well, according to a post from Reddit user masoncool4566, Cyberpunk 2077 is gonna let you engage in a lot of violence. Not necessarily lethal violence, as we’ve covered before, but violence nonetheless. Before we continue, though, quick aside: I’m not, nor have even been, against violence in video games. Just in case I’ve been coming off like that.

So, anyway, said Reddit user seems to have gotten in touch with the devs of Cyberpunk 2077, and asked about whether we’ll be able to attack and kill random people in the street, aka “interact with the city in violent ways,” as they put it. And the developers responded, saying: “you won’t be able to attack children or NPCs connected with the plot but other than that you can be aggressive towards most people you meet.” So, there you have it; Cyberpunk 2077 is gonna let you antagonize and flat-out kill almost whoever you want on the streets of Night City.

Now, given the nature of the game, I doubt you’ll face no consequences if you go on a random murder rampage, so maybe save your game before you do. Also, I wish they would let you kill NPCs that are plot critical, and that leading to you missing some parts of the game. I know it’d be really difficult to pull it off, but it’d be really cool. Oh, well.

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