Abyss Watchers Boss Guide | Dark Souls 3

Abyss Watchers are a boss in Dark Souls 3. They appear at the end of Farron Keep.
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There’s several of them, and the first part of the fight revolves around controling and evading the crowd. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to beat Abyss Watchers in Dark Souls 3 and what you’ll get as rewards.

Abyss Watchers Tactics

Name: Abyss Watchers
Location: Farron Keep
Rewards: Soul of The Blood of The Wolf, Cinders of a Lord, 18,000 souls, Undead Legion armor for sale at Firelink Shrine

When the fight starts, you’ll encounter a single watcher. He’s an aggressive swordsman, but can be parried somewhat easiley, since he telegraphs all of his swings clearly. Try not to keep your back towards the center of the room – after a certain time, a second watcher will appear. At this point, just keep running away from them until the third one shows up.

dks3 abyss watchers boss  fight guideThe third watcher (the one with the glowing red eyes) will fight the first two until they kill him. He’ll reappear after a certain period, over and over. If you’re patient, you could let them duke it out and kill the one that remains afterwards. If not, try to lure one of the original two away, so that you can fight one on one.

After you’ve killed them, the second phase begins. In it, a single watcher will appear, armed with a flaming sword and a parrying dagger. He’s most vulnerable after the dash that leaves a flaming line behind him, and the three-hit combo that ends with a somersault.

The easiest way to get him is by running around, waiting for him to start the combo. When he does, slow down a bit. Dodge the somersault, land two light hits, then run away.

His attacks are also quite easy to interrupt, so if you have a fast weapon and lots of stamina, just get in there and start swinging like crazy. Always make sure you leave enough stamina for a roll out of his range at the end.

Abyss Watchers Attack List

Phase 1
  • Weapon swing – they swing a couple of times.
  • Weapon charge plus several frontal attacks – devastating damage.
  • Various weapon and fist swings – the most vicious one is where he pulls the weapon down and up, pulling targets caught in its cone into the air.
  • Jump attack – great opportunity to attack the boss if this one is dodged.
  • Dodge in front with great frontal swing – dodging backward is a bad idea here.
Phase 2
  • All weapon attacks gain additional fire damage and can leave a fire trail in their wake.