Deacons of The Deep | Dark Souls 3

Deacons of The Deep are one of the bosses in Dark Souls 3. They can be found at the bottom of the Cathedral of The Deep.
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When you defeat them, you’ll get the item needed to enter Irithyll. This guide will show you how to beat Deacons of The Deep, what items you’ll get from them.

How to kill Deacons of The Deep

You will face a lot of respawning enemies during this fight, but you should concentrate only on one. You don’t have to kill any of the others unless they’re in your way. Look for the deacon engulfed in red flames. After you kill him, the boss’ health points will drop, and a red orb will leave his body and enter another. Always go for the one that’s possesed by the orb – you can either slash through the other ones, or lead them away. Simply damaging will do nothing – the boss gets hurt only when the mob is dead.

Once you’ve brought them down to half health, the archdeacon will appear. The red orb will inhabit him, and will not move until the end. The mobs will try to surround the archdeacon in order to protect him. They’ll also start heavily using spells – fireballs and dark bolts. There’s no secret to this part of the fight – use your shield to block the magic attacks, slash through the deacons as fast as you can and kill the boss before they can ressurect. He’s low on physical resistance, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

dark souls 3 archdeacon boss fight

Deacons of The Deep Rewards

You’ll receive a couple of items when you kill this boss:

  • Small Doll – A key item that lets you enter the city of Irithyll, removing the barrier at the end of the bridge.
  • Soul of The Deacons of The Deep – A boss soul that can be transposed into the a straight sword that scales with intelligence or a sorcery spell.
  • Archdeacons Robes – When you return to the arena after the fight, you’ll find the outfit the archdeacon wore.

Deacons Move List

Phase 1
  • Poke – If you are close to any of the deacons, they will try to poke you with their weapons. This is a very slow and short attack.
  • Fireball – Deacons tend to cast fireballs more as you move farther away.
Phase 2
  • Dark ball – new deacons collect dark power into one powerful projectile that goes through obstacles.