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Armor of Favor is an outfit in Dark Souls 3. It’s a gold-colored medium set worn by knight Lautrec of Carim.
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You can get it after killing a certain pair of unique enemies in Irithyll. This guide will show you where to find Armor of Favor in Dark Souls 3, its stats and what it looks like.

Lautrec Armor Location

Area: Irithyll of The Boreal Valley
Closest bonfire: Pontiff Sulyvahn
How to get:
  1. After you defeat Pontiff Sulyvahn, go outside into the courtyard. Go past the giants and climb the stairs the go to the tower.
  2. Enter the tower and look to your left. Hitting the walls inside will reveal a ladder leading down.
  3. Once you descend, you’ll end up in a great hall with two giant monsters. These are unique – when you kill them, they won’t respawn.
  4. Once they’re dead, you’ll get the Ring of Favor.
  5. Travel to Firelink Shrine and talk to the Handmaid. She’ll have the Armor of Favor on offer now.

Armor of Favor Stats

Armor of the pitiable Embraced knight. Depicts the affection of the goddess Fina.
The face is crafted to depict the goddess’s embrace, quite ignoring the fact that her love is in fact as fickle as the weather.
Adrift on a sea of isolation, only his faith in the love of his goddess remained true, and so the knight forsook all else.

The set is ideal if you wish to cosplay as Lautrec, or just look at it a bit and remember old adventures. Other than that, it provides more bleed resistance than many other sets.



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