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Sage Ring is an item in Dark Souls 3. If you are a caster, you’ll like this item as it shortens your spell casting time.
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You can find it in the early areas of the game, which makes it a must-have item for any mage. This guide will show you where to find Sage Ring in Dark Souls 3.

Sage Ring Location

Area: Road of Sacrifices
The Closest Bonfire: Crucifixion Woods

  1. You can get to the Road of Sacrifices area from the Undead Settlement. Use the elevator in the tower to get to the lower level and open the door that leads to the Road of Sacrifices. This is the same elevator where you can meet Siegward of Catarina for the first time.
  2. Crucifixion Woods bonfire is the one closest to the stone building that leads to the Crystal Sage boss.
  3. When you spawn at the bonfire, head to the nearest building. Do not enter the building but follow its wall to the right. You’ll have to step into the water. The small entrance you should search for is on the corner of the building. Watch out for the creature inside as you go for the Sage Ring.

Sage Ring Description & Stats

A ring given to Farron’s Undead Legion by one of the preacher twins, known more commonly as the Crystal Sages.
Shortens spell casting time.
The sorcerers of Farron’s Abyss Watchers were known to be lonesome warriors who would only rely upon more pragmatic spells.

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