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Dancer of the Boreal Valley is a must-kill boss in Dark Souls 3. Once High Priestess Emma is dead the boss fight with the Dancer starts.
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You don’t want to engage in this fight early on in the game. As you kill Yhorm the Giant, you’ll be teleported into the room where the Dancer confrontation takes place. This guide will show you how to beat Dancer of the Boreal Valley in Dark Souls 3, which rewards to expect.

How to beat Dancer of the Boreal Valley

Name: Dancer of the Boreal Valley
Area: High Wall of Lothric
The Closest Bonfire: Vordt of the Boreal Valley
Basic Rewards: Soul of the Dancer, 60,000 souls

Dancer is a unique boss, because you can engage her in combat right after defeating the first boss. She is located in a room opposite Vordt of the Boreal Valley. If you follow the game’s natural flow and take your time, you should meet her once you are around level 50. This is the best time to engage her.

Dancer has two phases. During the first phase, you’ll want to stay away from her right arm as the grab attack will most likely kill you. She has one of the largest sets of moves, that vary in reach and speed of swings. This is somehow not even that bad in phase one, but becomes a bit overwhelming in phase two where she uses two swords. There are only a few moments when you can attack her without problems: once she performs a jump attack, creates a firebomb that does AOE damage around her, or at the end of a series of attacks in phase two, where she uses two swords and spins several times, after two AOE dark explosions.

Dancer of the Boreal Valley Tips and Tricks

There is a rather easy (almost shameful) way to complete this fight, in one try even. One word: Greatshields. Greatshields with a high stability stat (over 70). You don’t even need to worry about weight at this point, but keep it under 100%. By using this tactic, you avoid the need to dodge at all, and rely on one fact only: greatshields with a high stability stat will just soak all weapon damage from the Dancer. Have fun!

Dancer of the Boreal Valley Main Rewards

The soul you get from her can be transposed into a spell or a sword:
  • Soothing Sunlight: This miracle requires a minimum 45 faith and restores a lot of HP for yourself and allies in a broad area.
  • Dancer’s Enchanted Swords: This weapon resembles Dancer’s weapon and her attacks. It does decent Physical, Magic and Fire damage but requires a minimum of 12 Strength, 20 Dexterity, 9 Intelligence and 9 Faith.

Dancer Move Set

Phase 1
  • Weapon dance – 180 (while up) or 360 (while down) degrees swing around its axis.
  • Weapon swings – Does it in many dirrections, from side to front, front, left to right, right to left… Can end with a weapon slash.
  • Short melee ground mark around boss – Fast attack where the boss puts the sword into the ground next to it and goes around, leaving a trail of fire that knocks players back on hit.
  • Fire bomb – Creates a fire in its right hand and slashes the spot in front of it making a lot of fire damage in a large area.
  • Right hand grab – Comes with a sword attack at the end, extremely lethal. Avoid at all cost.
  • Weapon poke – the boss puts its right hand on the ground and pokes with the weapon in its left. Huge range.
  • Weapon slash/swipe – Boss stands up and hits the ground in the player’s direction. This is the perfect attack to dodged start your counter attack.
  • Jump attack – Dancer jumps and does a weapon smash. This is another great opportunity to attack once you’ve avoided damage.
Phase 2
  • AoE shadow blast – Puts a sword from the right hand into the ground and does a one or two wave explosion.
  • All phase 1 attacks gain additional help from another weapon.
  • Two swords dance – Uses both swords and start swinging them around itself over a period of time. Dodging it near the end gives you the perfect opportunity to do damage.
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  1. K

    I finished the giant fight and it didnt take me to him. I later fought aldrich and it took me to him via a cut scene. I thunk it has to do with killing a certain number of lords, and once you reach that number you get the cut scene

    1. O

      It’s not the giant fight. I believe it’s the Aldrich fight. Either that, or else you have to kill all of the lords.

      1. V

        Well, no. To trigger the cutscene, you must kill three lords of cinder

  2. M

    I teleported there and turned to the statue which started the fight, then i died, now i cant figure out how to get back there

    1. J
      Josh Freeman

      travel to vordt of the boreal valley ay highwall of lothric and go towards the stairs all the way up passed a fews enemies and youll see the foggy door

  3. A

    Yeah, it’s whoever the last lord of cinder you kill is. Obviously it can’t be the Abyss Walkers since they are a bottleneck to the rest of the game but either Aldrich or Yhorm will take you to the boss fight. Make sure to homeward bone lest you lose your souls!

    1. C

      I used a homeward bone in the fight, and now I can’t find the dancer again.

  4. J
    Jay Le Cornu

    i need alot of help even with summons i can only get the dancer down to about half hp before dying, i go in with 9 eustus flasks and my best equipment for the job but still only his for about 180 damage

  5. F

    how do i get back to the fight if i die in it

  6. D

    For anyone wondering how to get back: if you TP to the vordt bonfire then go to the cathedral where Emma was (where you got the banner) then you can just go through that boss fight and try again! Hope this helps!

  7. M

    Yeah, to get to the fight it only requires you to have killed 3 Lords of cinder, so whichever you kill last will teleports you to the arena.

    To get back, go to Vordt’s bonfire and run up the stairs all the way to the far end of the area you’re in, past the 2 lothario Knights with a sword and a spear.

    I’d recommend not using the great shield strategy, since she’ll eat through your stamina bar in the second phase in no time at all. She’s weak to dark and lightning, and you can cause her to bleed, so using a Pyro build with dark fire orb and some weapon that causes bleed seems to work really well. Her moves are easy to dodge and fairly well telegraphed, and if you keep a pillar between you and her, you shouldn’t have an issue. The AI will get tripped up and not move around the pillars.

    1. M

      Apparently my phone doesn’t like the areas in Souls games… Lothric*

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