Crystal Sage Boss | Dark Souls 3

Crystal Sage is a boss you can fight in Dark Souls 3. He’s hidden away in the Road of Sacrifices area, near the Crucifixion Woods bonfire.
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You’ll get a unique soul for beating him. This guide will help you defeat Crystal Sage in Dark Souls 3, show you his moves and attacks, as well as the rewards you get for killing him.

How to beat Crystal Sage

Name: Crystal Sage
Location: Road of Sacrifices
Rewards: Soul of a Crystal Sage, 8000 souls

The Crystal Sage does exclusively magic attacks, shooting three types of projectiles at you. You should rush at him and start hitting like crazy. He hasn’t got any armor and can’t take much of a beating. When he’s had enough, he’ll teleport away.

crystal sage boss fight dks3When he gets away from you, he’ll spawn some blue crystals across the arena. Try to destroy as many of these as you can while getting to him – they’ll turn into enemies after a while. You don’t need to hit them – walking over them is enough to break them. When they do manage to turn into enemies, you should ignore them and keep hitting the boss.

If there happens to be too much of them, you can use Throwing Knives to kill them. One shot with any weapon will do, including the paltry knives.

It would be great if you could use a shield with high magic defense. Dodging all of the Sage’s attacks might prove difficult, so a good shield would mean a lot. Armor that protects against magic damage would also be a good idea. Finally, use the structures in the arena to hide from the projectiles. If you’re using melee weapons, don’t forget to switch to two hands as you approach him, for maximum damage.




  1. R

    My Game glitched and the boss stopped re appearing, yeh fun…

    1. F

      A recent update has fixed this issue.

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