All Ring Locations | Dark Souls 3

Rings are wearable items in Dark Souls 3. You can have four equipped at a time, and they provide you with various passive bonuses.
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There’s over 100 rings in the game, and collecting them all will unlock the Master of Rings achievement. This guide will show you all rings in Dark Souls 3, their effects and locations.

all rings in dark souls 3
Flynn’s RingLowering equip load increases attack powerUndead Settlement
Chloranthy RingIncreases stamina recovery speedUndead Settlement
Covetous Silver Serpent RingIncreases amount of souls gained for killsFirelink Shrine
Estus RingIncreases HP recovery from EstusFirelink Shrine
Havel’s RingIncreases maximum equip loadBoss Soul Item
Carthus Milking+3 DEX, obscures rollingCatacombs of Carthus
Carthus BloodringBoosts rolling invincibility, lowers defenseCatacombs of Carthus
Saint’s RingAdds atunement slotsIrina of Carim
Farron RingReduces skill FP consumptionHawkmoon
Flame Stoneplate RingIncreases fire damage absorptionUndead Settlement
Dragonscale RingReduces damage from backstabsHigh Wall of Lothric
Ashen Estus RingIncreases FP restored from Ashen EstusUntended Graves
Knight’s RingIncreases strengthLothric Castle
Red Tearstone RingIncreases attack when health is lowLothric Castle
Lloyd’s Sword RingIncreases attack when HP is fullCathedral of The Deep
Aldrich’s SapphireRecover FP from critical attacksCathedral of The Deep
Deep RingMore attunement slotsCathedral of The Deep
Magic Clutch RingBoosts magic attack, reduces damage absorptionIrithyll of The Boreal Valley
Ring of the Sun’s FirstbornGreatly boosts miraclesIrithyll of The Boreal Valley
Dark Stoneplate RingBoosts dark damage absorptionIrithyll of The Boreal Valley
Aldrich’s RubyRecover HP from critical attacksIrithyll of The Boreal Valley
Sun Princess RingSlowly restores HPIrithyll of The Boreal Valley
Bellowing Dragoncrest RingGreatly boosts sorceriesIrithyll Dungeon
Dark Clutch RingIncreases dark attack, lowers damage absorptionIrithyll Dungeon
Lightning Clutch RingIncreases lightning attack, lowers damage absorptionArchdragon Peak
Thunder Stoneplate RingIncreases lighting damage absorptionArchdragon Peak
Witch’s RingGreatly boosts pyromanciesCatacombs of Carthus
Knight Slayer’s RingEnemies lose more stamina when guardingCatacombs of Carthus
Cursebite RingIncreases curse resistanceIrithyll Dungeon
Scholar RingIncreases intelligenceCastle Lothric
Fleshbite RingIncreases resistance to frost, bleed and poisonCastle Lothric
Hunter’s RingIncreases dexterityCastle Lothric
Blue Tearstone RingIncreases defense when HP is lowGreirat of The Undead Settlement
Great Swamp RingBoosts pyromanciesRoad of Sacrifices
Covetous Gold Serpent RingIncreases item discoveryIrithyll Dungeon
This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it with more rings as we find them.