DkS3 Ringed City Spell Locations - Sorcery, Pyromancy & Miracle

Ringed City spells are new pyromancies, sorceries and miracles in Dark Souls 3, added in the latest DLC. There are six of them in total – two of each kind. Most are acquired by exploring the new area, while a couple are gained by transposing boss souls. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find all DkS3 Ringed City new spells, what they do.

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dks3 ringed city spells miracle sorcery pyromancy
Dark Souls 3 Ringed City miracles, sorceries & pyromancies

Ringed City sorceries

Spell casters who focus on sorcery and intelligence builds have two new sorceries to look forward to in the DLC: Great Soul Dregs & Old Moonlight.

Great Soul Dregs

Obtained by exploring the hidden area behind the illusory wall in the Dreg Heap area. Spawn at the bonfire and go right after the building with the two knights. When you get into a dead end, hit the wall on your left. You’ll find the spell on a platform with wooden tables, and you’ll probably get ambushed by murkmen there. The sorcery allows you to fire a huge, slow ball of dark damage. It’s hard to land a hit with it, but when you do, everyone will take notice.

Old Moonlight

This one is obtained by transposing the soul of Darkeater Midir, the secret dragon boss. It allows you to summon an ethereal blade and strike your enemies down with it. It resembles the Moonlight sword so many From Software’s game seem to feature.

Ringed City miracles

Clerics (filthy, filthy clerics) can pick up a couple of new miracles while they explore the ruined cityscape: Lightning Arrow and Projected Heal.

Lightning Arrow

After you finish the first encounter with Midir, past the Shared Grave bonfire, you’ll enter a hall with a set of stairs on your left. The wall next to the stairs is illusory – hit it to reveal a small chamber, with another illusory wall. When you tear down the third one (yes, the third one), you’ll find the corpse with this miracle. Like it says on the box, it allows you to shoot out a lightning arrow.

Projected Heal

This one is near the place where you first meet Amnesiac knight Lapp. When you drop down from his plateau, you’ll have to fight a knight and some murkmen. The spell will be in a nook in a wall. It allows you to create a healing ward, which regenerates the health of anyone standing close enough.

New pyromancies in Ringed City

Finally, children of the Great Swamp (in mind, if not in body) are going to enrich their tomes with two pyromancies: Flame Fan and Seething Chaos.

Flame Fan

You can obtain this pyromancy by defeating Desert Pyromancer Zoey. She can be found in the rocky cave above the swamp in Earthen Peak Ruins. Climb the roots on the left side of the swamp, and they’ll lead you to her ledge. The spell allows you to swing a fiery fan left and right.

Seething Chaos

This is a chaos pyromancy, which you can get by transposing the soul of the Demon Prince. It will let you throw a ball of condensed chaos to the ground, where it will explode violently after a short period of time. It’s Dark Souls’ version of a grenade, basically. If you choose to get it, you’ll lose out on the Demon’s Scar pyromancy flame.