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Dark Souls 3 saves your progress automatically onto a single save file. This was done so that you couldn’t reload to change your decisions, but it also has a nasty side-effect – if anything happens to the file, you’ll have to start the game over.
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This guide will show you where to find save files in Dark Souls 3.

Dark Souls 3 Save Data

The game doesn’t have Steam Cloud synchronization, so there’s automatic backup system. If you want to avoid corruption and loss of progress, you’ll have to manually backup your save data every now and then.

The save data can be found in:
  • C:\Users\Your-username\AppData\Roaming\DarkSoulsIII\
You should simply copy the contents of the folder into another place where you can keep them until you’re done with the game. You can also use the files to get some achievements the easy way (like the ones for the different endings).

The same folder is also home to your configuration files. We haven’t tried this yet, but maybe these can be given out to friends for easy graphics/controller settings sharing.

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  1. S

    You can enter
    into an explorer window to ease finding the folder.

  2. S
    stone lane

    Question my windows profile got corrupt so I had to make another and it wiped my game can I get the old,file and put,it on my new profile and continue?

    1. S

      I’m wondering the same, if I can place it back to override it and start from that place if I haven’t finished game, because it mentions that “when you finish your game”…makes me wonder whether it’s only in that case, because I don’t want to play from new if I haven’t finished this one, I just want to be sure if this simple design wont ruin my game if I want to rewind back to that save and forget the progress from the first time…

  3. L

    There’s a posibility that I can get Softbanned for doing this?

    1. W

      yes highly likely

      1. I

        no, you idiot… this is a recommended thing by the creators themselves to have backups, why would they ban for that?

    2. M

      Bandai Namco recommends using save backups as a countermeasure against the invading hackers that can softban you against your will, or unintentional savedata corruption. You get a warning before you actually get softbanned this time around, so you can always revert or delete the files. Since they recommend using savedata backups it’s unlikely that you’ll get softbanned for using backups.

  4. A

    Is it a SL2 file?

  5. S
    Stephen Owen

    Change your path to this, would make it easy for people to copy-paste.


  6. T


    Iv used all 10 of my saves allowed in dark souls 3 is there a way to allow me to create more characters

    1. M

      you can easy put some files from this patch and save in another plase then delet the real files and play with new chars and if you want to swap just swap the files

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