The Fire Fades edition of Dark Souls III is out today

We have come to this, probably the final edition of Dark Souls 3. The Fire Fades is here to give you the original game and both of its DLCs: Ashes of Ariandel and The Ringed City. The swan song for the Souls series or just an end of a chapter?

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The beloved Souls games have come from humble beginnings and grew all the way to a franchise that is both revered and heavily copied. The director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, seems to be of the opinion that this is the final Souls game. There have been rumors of a remaster of the true original, Demon Souls, which came out only on PS3, for the modern consoles and PC. It might remain a fans’ dream, or a different team might take over.

Of course, it does not mean that Bloodborne will not get a sequel. The Sony exclusive is many a Souls’ fan reason for getting the PS4 in the first place. The introduction of slightly faster gameplay, still undeniably Souls-like, brought many new fans to From Software as well. And having in mind that there have been some announcements from the developer regarding games in 2017 where they said that they plan to release a new game, there is some hope for the fans of the gothic take on Dark Souls that is Bloodborne.

Dark Souls 3 has given the players hours upon hours of toil and hardship, but also the feeling of success they have not felt in a long while. It has certainly given us a lot of work, these guides did not write themselves, you know!

The Fire Fades edition seems like a great way to say goodbye to a great franchise. It has taught us a lot, and even if there are no more games with the word “Souls” in the name, there will be many, copies and originals, imbued with its spirit.