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Mimics are unique monsters in Dark Souls 3. They look like regular chests, but when you try to open them, they’ll try to swallow you, doing a lot of damage.
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They drop good items when you kill them, including the Symbol of Avarice. They also never respawn. This guide will show you Mimic locations in Dark Souls 3, as well as which items you’ll get from them.

Mimic Locations in DkS3

Apart from the amazing stuff they always drop, there’s also a chance you’ll get the Symbol of Avarice – the Mimic head that increases your item discovery. You’re guaranteed to get it when you’ve killed all the mimics in the game.

Area: High Wall of Lothric
Where to find: Under the tower with the fire-breathing dragon. Go left from the first bonfire, into the tower. Jump to the lowest floor, exit and climb the stairs. Roll through the fire and enter the tower. The mimic is on the lower floor.
Reward: Deep Battle Axe

Area: Cathedral of The Deep
Where to find: Take the elevator to the hall with the giant, then run around to the other side. Dodge the giant’s attacks, or else you won’t make it. Once you’re across, go down the stairs to the tiny chapel. The mimic will be near the altar.
Reward: Deep Braille Divine Tome

Area: Irithyll of The Boreal Valley
Where to find: Go to the courtyard with the dead giants, then under the dark alcoves on the left. Climb the stairs, turn around and enter the cathedral. You’ll end up in the room where you fought Pontiff Sulyvahn, only up on the walways. Cross to the other side of the room and go right, following the wall.
Reward: Golden Ritual Spear

Area: Catacombs of Carthus
Where to find: When you destroy the hanging bridge in the Catacombs and use it as a ladder, the first room you’ll enter will be home to a giant fiery demon. The chest is on the ledge above him.
Reward: Black Blade

Area: Irithyll Dungeon
Where to find: Spawn at the Profane Capital bonfire and look for a church surrounded by a poisonous lake. Climb to the top of the church’s roof, then jump down through the window on the dome. Look around while you’re on the platform. The mimic is behind the pillar you’re standing on.
Reward: Court Sorcerer’s Staff

Area: Irithyll Dungeon
Where to find: There are two mimic chests to be found right before the fight with Yhorm the Giant. When you get to his fog door, go right. You’ll see a bunch of enemies in white robes. The chests are behind them, next to the wall.
Reward: Greathshield of Glory, Rusted Coin

Area: Irithyll Dungeon
Where to find: Near the sleeping giant. Jump down to his feet so you could climb all the way above him. Look for a sewer grate behind his back and to the right. Use it to go into a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, you’ll see two chests. The left one is the mimic.
Reward: Dark Clutch Ring

Area: Irithyll Dungeon
Where to find: Spawn at the first bonfire. Go into the dungeon and turn right. Go all the way to the window and jump through it. Jump down onto the stairs and turn right. Enter the tower and the chest will be on your right.
Reward: Estus Shard

Area: Irithyll Dungeon
Where to find: Find the standing, sleeping giant. Jump all the way down, to the level where his feet are. Look for a set of stairs going up and use it. The chest will be on the other side of the room (it’s the room with the long ladder leading up above the giant).
Reward: Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow

Area: Irithyll Dungeon
Where to find: Spawn at the Profaned Capital and head back towards the dungeon. After you climb the steps and enter the lower floor (the one with all the jailers), go into the corridor on the right. The chest will be near the entrance.
Reward: Titanite Scale x2

Area: Lothric Castle
Where to find: Spawn at the Dragon Barracks and go up to the bridge with the dragons. Cross it and take a left. Climb all the way to the top, and you’ll see the chest in what looks like a dining room.
Reward: Titanite Scale x3

Area: Lothric Castle
Where to find: Spawn at the Dragonslayer Armour bonfire and head towards the castle entrance. Jump down through the hole in the wall – you’ll end up next to one of the dragons. Turn around and you’ll see the chest in the room.
Reward: Sunlight Straight Sword

Heartfelt thanks to Fhkv, Nilah and Rasmus for info on some of the locations.




  1. F

    Not all, one more is in Lothric castle, left side of the bridge with two dragons

  2. N

    There is one near the profane capital in the Dungeon. Go to where the sleeping giant is, follow the sewer that’s rat infested. There will be two chests. One on the right is real, the left is fake. It’s a crawler and Basilisks will come from behind you.

  3. N

    Another nearby, at the feet of the giant. Go towards the gaping hole in the wall, and carry on until you see a big room with a ladder and a chest. The chest is a standing mimic. IIRC, it drops a Gold Pine Bundle. I could be wrong about the drop.

    1. M
      Michael Hoyt

      Nah, it was a number of lightning greatarrows

  4. A

    How to get the helm from these mimics?? The drops you mentioned has no helm!!

    1. R

      The helm is a random drop from the mimics, so you can either be really lucky and get it early, or you can kill every mimic in the game, and it will guaranteed drop from the last. The list above is, at the time of writing, incomplete.

      1. P

        You simply throw an amulet of undead hunter at the sleeping mimic and take the symbol of avarice

      2. R
        Ryan Jacobsen

        You must know by now that the helmet is never a guaranteed drop. So for almost four years your stupid wrong information is negatively affecting people. In a way that is unfixable. Why haven’t you corrected this you pathetic sack of worthless piece of ?

    2. J

      you can throw a undead hunter charm at them to farm it,thats my plan before i kill them all.

      1. R

        Like the other guys below, I just discovered that the symbol doesn’t drop if you kill them all – stupid rumours…
        I thought i missed one somewhere in the game, but I think that’s highly unlikely about now. Oh well, NG+, here i come! Gonna use your plan, Johan!

        1. S

          actually it does drop but not from the final one you kill, if you go back to the chest that dropped the Sunlight straight sword after killing all the other mimics the helm will be there

          1. W
            Watch the Video


          2. H

            he is actually right just confirmed it, maybe you need to advance in the game to a point, when I found it I already did everything including the story line all I had left to do is start Journey 2, went back to where he said and the symbol was there which was weird cause I had come back to this area after killing the mimic and it wasnt there so Im sure it has to do with being at a specific point in the story.

          3. K

            No, it’s still not guaranteed.
            I got a braille tome

  5. R

    A mimic is found in Irithyll Dungeon, with drops an Estus Shard. It is found after the first big room with all the cells and jailers. You go down a staircase with 3 hooded enemies (if you look to the left you can see down to the Profaned Capital bonfire), and enter a little room with a mimic on the right side.

  6. R

    Another one in Irithyll Dungeon, after the first one Nilah wrote about. After the room with the two big rats, you will enter a bigger room with a lot of jailers. Put the elevator to your back, and head along the left side of the room. You will enter a small corridor running parallel to the larger room, where you will find the mimic. He dropped two Titanite Scales.

  7. D

    So i forever lose access to a mimics drop if his dumb self ran off the dang cliff while chasing me?

    1. P

      no, just use a bonfire then go back to where he was sitting, his loot will have respawned there

  8. D

    K i went to location where mimic originally was after i respawned and item was there.

  9. M

    I killed all of them but no mimic…damm

    1. L

      Same here. The whole “guaranteed after all mimics are killed” statement is a complete lie.

      1. A

        Same. Checked all locations including the two in lothric castle and no helmet anywhere. Combed every area and got most every item in the game.

  10. M
    Michael Hoyt

    Even if the rumor is fake, if someone’s going to say the helm is a 100% drop from the last mimic killed…..wouldn’t it make sence to HAVE A COMPLETE LIST TO BEGIN WITH?!

  11. M
    Mike Funkuvs

    If you kill all of them, you still don’t get it. It’s just a random drop. The best thing you can do is, find a mimic and toss an undead hunter charm and try to loot it. If there is no loot. Hit the bonfire and try again.

  12. R

    I’ve killed all of these but none dropped the Symbol of Avarice. Is there any more in the game?

  13. S

    There are also 2 more mimics. Spawn at the profaned capital. Drop down the long ladder and cross the bridge with the gargoyle. Go into the room and fight the gargoyle plus the 2nd that spawns. To your right there will be a large group of (currently) non hostile guys that look like jailers but wearing white. Kill them all and there are 2 mimics behind them! I aggro’d them one at a time w a bow and took me out! There is also a regular chest near them.

    1. W
      Watch the Video

      They’re in the video

  14. S

    Just been reading these comments as I had issues finding this item after killing all mimics. It appears to be glitched.

    I killed all mimics and went to all locations again and nothing was there. I returned a 3rd time to the sunlight blade mimic chest location and magically appeared. So this may take a few attempts of reloading of the area (and possibly the game) to trigger the drop

  15. G

    I can confirm that the symbol of avarice helm does appear at the mimic location of the sunlight straight sword. I needed to kill all mimics and quit game then exit the game application (on ps4). I restarted the game then went to the location and it was indeed there. *Note -I had finished the game beforehand ..not certain if thats revelant to the item or not.

  16. J

    I reloaded the sunlight sword area a couple times and it appeared for me as well

  17. S

    Symbol of Avarice: leave at least one Mimic alive, then boost Discovery as much as possible (Crystal Sage Rapier, coins, …). Use Undead Hunter Charm on Mimic and don’t kill it. Rinse and repeat (reload at bonfire) until it gives you the Symbol. It usually takes a few seconds after using Undead Hunter Charm until it either reveals an item or falls asleep again. Worked for me with 270 discovery after approx. 5 attempts. Good luck!

  18. R

    thats right, if all r killed n still no avarice the n log out, log back in n go to one that had sunlight sword n shld b there, worked 4 me…thanx guys 4 ur input, i owe y one or three!!!

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