Red Hilted Halberd | Dark Souls 3

Red Hilted Halberd is one of the many weapons in Dark Souls 3. You can find this polearm early on in the game, in the Undead Settlement.
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You’ll need to buy a key to unlock the door that leads to a tunnel where you’ll find it. This guide will show you where to find Red Hilted Halberd in Dark Souls 3, its stats and what it looks like.

Red Hilted Halberd Location

Area: Undead Settlement
The Closest Bonfire: Dilapidated Bridge

  1. First of all, you’ll need the Mortician’s Ashes, found in Undead Settlement. You can collect them at the graveyard the Giant hurls his large spears at. For this and all other ashes check out our Ashes Locations Guide.
  2. Now head back to Firelink Shrine and give the ashes to the Handmaid. She will now sell, among other things, the Grave Key
  3. Take one more trip to Undead Settlement and Dilapidated Bridge. From this bonfire, head over the nearby wooden bridge and enter the sewer with the rats. Note: the door is only open if you’ve unlocked it from the other side. It serves as a shortcut to the Curse-Rotted Greatwood boss.
  4. Use the key at the only locked door found in the sewer. Go through it and use the ladder to go down.
  5. Keep going to your left and the first item you’ll find is the Red Hilted Halberd.

Red Hilted Halberd Description & Stats

Long-hilted weapon mixing spear and axe. The red-hilted halberd is associated with clerics.
Can be thrust like a spear or swept sideways like an axe, making it a versatile weapon effective against multiple foes.
Skill: Perseverance.

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