Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City Gameplay

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe released a new Dark Souls 3 gameplay video from the upcoming DLC called The Ringed City. We have a chance to see some new enemies, as well as some beautiful environments. The video itself may contain some spoilers.

The Ringed City will offer new areas to explore, new weapons, armor sets, bosses, and most certainly, new ways to die. From the beginning of the gameplay, we can see an epic scene of the player falling from a small edge into a destroyed building filled with enemies. Also, there is a new type of enemy that will literally suck you into the ground. This DLC is recommended for players that have already cleared Lothric Castle in Dark Souls 3.

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At the end of the video, we can see a huge boss fight, featuring a humongous, flying, horned demon. The demon ignites, unleashing his devastating fire attacks. As with almost every Dark Souls boss fight, it will definitely take a lot of well-timed dodges and patient attacks to take him down.

In the Ringed City, players will be chasing the Slave Knight Gael to the literal end of the world, searching for the Dark Soul of Humanity and experiencing the conclusion to the story.

Dark Souls 3 received high acclaim from gamers all around the world. It’s no surprise that it sold over three million copies worldwide just two months after release. It sold 500,000 in Japan and Asia, 1.5 million in North America, and one million in Europe, which are very impressive numbers.

The new DLC launches March 28th on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Ringed City can be purchased separately or, if you are a season pass owner, you will get both expansions, Ashes of Ariandel and The Ringed City.

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