Nioh Kinki Region Kodama Locations - Where to find collectibles

Kinki region is the third region you get to in Nioh. It comes after the Chugoku region. Just like on the previous maps, this one also has 25 Kodama in total. You’ll find them throughout the three main missions. Once you collect all Kodama spirits in one mission, you’ll get a notification. After this point, you can leave the mission. This guide will show you all Kodama locations in Kinki region in Nioh.

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Spider Nest Castle Kodama locations

Spider Nest Castle is the first mission in the Kinki Region. This is a level 47 quest with nine Kodama: two for oracle, warrior, healer, hunter and one for swordsman blessing. They are scattered behind the tower, between the tower and a house, on a rooftop, between a house and the rocky hill, inside the mansion at the corner of the inner yard, in a cave beneath the well, in the yard after you lave the cave, in the yard corner after you open the gates of the castle, and on the first floor of the castle. The boss you fight at the end of this mission is a spider demon called Joro-gumo.

Kodama locations in Falling Snow

This is a level 55 mission with a difficulty of two out of five. It is the second mission in the Kinki Region. You’ll find it in the northern part of the map. Kodama spirits you’ll find here are: two each for oracle, swordsman and warrior blessings, and one for hunter and healer blessings each. The first kodama is right across from the main shrine, others are hidden in the rubble on your left after the first house, next to a large chest and a tree behind the small wooden fence, in the grass next to the bamboo grove, on the snowy platform after the icy bridge, in the wooden box after you destroy the blue crystal in the corner of the house, in the area where you jump after the rooftops and the icy bridge, in the pottery after you find the illusionary wall. The final boss of this mission is the ice queen Yuki-onna.

The Demon of Mount Hiei main mission Kodama

The Demon of Mount Hiei is a level 62 mission (3/5 difficulty). It has eight Kodama spirits: two swordsman, hunter, healer and one oracle and warrior blessing. The first spirit is after the shrine up the hill to your left, next to the tree. The next is after you destroy the orange crystal, down the path to your right, next to the lamppost of the house with the wide stairs, below the bookshelf of the cave where you fall down by destroying the orange crystal, behind a square wooden foundation house next to some box, on the corner of the outside wall of the ruined shack. From the previous one, find and follow the narrow road with the stone walls on each side. The final one is at the graveyard. The mission’s final boss is called White Tiger.

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