Nioh Nue Boss Fight - How to defeat the lightning hound

Nue is a boss you’ll encounter in Nioh. You can find him in the main mission called The Spirit Stone Slumbers, located in the Kyushu region. He looks like a huge tiger, imbued with electrical powers. In this guide, we will show you how to defeat Nue in Nioh. We will go over all of his moves, and a viable tactic for how to defeat him.

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Nioh Nue Boss Guide
Nue boss fight in Nioh

How to defeat Nue

First, let’s check out Nue’s move set:

  • When you see an electrical ball appear in his mouth, he will use his medium range laser attack, in a half-circle area in front of him. It will always go from his left side to his right, so keep in mind to dodge or move to the left if you are in front of him, or even move back to avoid its range. If you are fast enough, you can move to the right just before the laser appears for an easy opening.
  • When he starts shaking his head while it’s slightly bent forward, he will perform his devastating four-step lighting attack. You will be locked on, meaning he won’t miss. You have to constantly move in any direction. When he finishes his fourth attack, you can concentrate on your attacks. If you get struck by one of the lighting strikes, immediately dodge to the side, since the second one will hit in the same place.
  • When you get close, there are two attacks that he will perform. If you are in front of him, he will attack you twice with his paws, followed with a front roll. The roll will leave a trail of lighting. If you are behind him, Nue will try to hit you with his tail.
  • Sometimes, he will pounce at you. A well-timed dodge or movement to the side will make him miss, therefore leaving him vulnerable to your attacks as he lies on the ground.
  • On a few occasions, he will use the venomous attack from his tail, dealing poison damage over time.

There will be certain weak spots you can exploit, to defeat Nue very easily.

  • The trees around the area can be used as cover from every attack, except the four lighting strikes.
  • His laser attack is your biggest opportunity. As soon as you see the lighting ball in his mouth, immediately move to the left, to avoid the laser beam, and start your attack. He will be staggered for a few seconds, giving you the opportunity to unleash a few attacks.
  • If you manage to avoid his pounce, immediately attack as he is lying down.
  • In other situations, you could try to strike him once for a small amount of damage. Multiple attacks will definitely result in Nue unleashing a devastating attack, and could possibly kill you. Your best tactic is to constantly wait for the pounce and the laser attack. Be patient and selective for the best results.

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    Hiding underneath the entrance to the boss area after the fight starts will protect you from the 4 lightning attacks; it also makes his move set a lot easier to exploit.

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