DkS3 Ringed City Slave Knight Gael Boss & Rewards

Slave Knight Gael is one of the bosses you’ll fight in the Ringed City DLC. He is a formidable enemy, with a great number of melee and ranged attacks and a lot of health. You’ll need to be very patient and determined to beat him. In this guide, we’ll show you how to kill Slave Knight Gael in Dark Souls 3 Ringed City.

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Dark Souls 3 Ringed City How to Beat Slave Knight Gael Boss
Dark Souls 3 Ringed City How to Beat Slave Knight Gael Boss

How to Defeat Slave Knight Gael in Ringed City DLC

The boss fight with Slave Knight Gael can be divided into three phases. Each phase begins when you take down a third of Gael’s enormous health bar. Of course, each new phase functions at least a little differently from the last.

The first phase, as you’d expect, is the easiest one. His attacks are fairly easy to dodge, and you can even block and counter attack fairly often. Just dodge around him and get in a few hits when you can. However, Gael has two attacks to look out for and fortunately, he telegraphs them clearly.

The first one is a lunging attack. He’ll leap up into the air, and his sword will glow red, before flying right into you. Make sure you roll towards him so as to open him up for a few hits. The second one is a five-attack combo, culminating in him jumping up and slamming his sword down. The telegraph here is that he’ll stand upright and roar. Stay as far away as you can when this starts, or at least dodge until it’s over. If you give him enough space, the boss will fire a hail of crossbow bolts your way, so beware that as well.

The second phase begins when you knock Gael down for about a third of his health and a cutscene plays out. Naturally, his attacks are much more powerful now, and his sword will leave a trail of pinkish-red skull-smoke that can also damage you. For this reason, you’ll have to be much more precise when rolling and pay closer attention to his patterns.

Slave Knight Gael will also attack with a Miracle that fires several glowing discs at you. These return like boomerangs. When he uses the discs, quickly roll past him and turn him around. That way, you’ll be safe when they come back. You can also try to interrupt the attack. Also, his cape can harm you.

Phase three will start when Gael’s is down by two thirds. There’ll be no cutscene. He’ll just fire a mass of red projectiles everywhere, almost without warning. Be careful and keep your distance as you approach the last third mark and avoid the projectiles. For added fun, Gael will periodically fire these projectiles. Wherever they land on the ground, a bolt of lighting will hit shortly afterwards. When he bows down his head, run away, because he’ll fire off a bunch of the projectiles like in the beginning of the phase.

He has several powerful combos, and they have variants. You might think that you can attack, and he’ll swing one more time. However, you can play pretty aggressively in this battle. You want to set the tempo, since Gael’s attacks change depending on your distance. Dodge around him, wait for his combo to end, land a couple of hits, then rinse and repeat until you defeat Slave Knight Gael.

Slave Knight Gael Rewards

When you defeat Slave Knight Gael, these are the rewards you’ll get:

  • Soul of Slave Knight Gael – You can consume it for Souls, or to make Gael’s Greatsword or Repeating Crossbow
  • Blood of the Dark Soul – You can give it to Painting Woman.

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