DkS3 Ringed City How to Defeat Demon in Pain, from Below & Demon Prince

Demon in Pain, Demon from Below and Demon Prince are all bosses that you’ll fight in Ringed City DLC. The fight may seem fairly straightforward, but you can easily find yourself in trouble if you’re too relaxed. In this guide, we’ll show you how to kill Demon in Pain, Demon from Below and Demon prince in Ringed City.

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Dark Souls 3 Ringed City How to Defeat Demon in Pain, from Below & Prince
Dark Souls 3 Ringed City How to Defeat Demon in Pain, Demon from Below & Demon Prince

How to Kill Demon from Below and Demon in Pain

To get to these bosses, drop from the cliff near the Earthen Peak Ruins bonfire. Make sure that you have items that cure Poison, and preferably a weapon with Bleed and a Fire shield. You can also summon Slave Knight Gael or Lapp to help. After a long drop, you’ll end up in a pit. The two Demons will be waiting. Both demons work pretty much the same. They have two forms: When they look like they’re on fire, they’ll focus on melee attacks. In the second form, they’ll spew clouds of poison and generally stand in the center of the pit. They’ll alternate the two forms, but it can happen that both of them are in the same form at once.

Depending on your playstyle, you can either attack the one that’s on fire or the poison one. If you start with the melee one, land a couple of hits, then dodge the poison projectile. Both demons are very slow with their attacks and you can stagger them, so you’ll have plenty of attack opportunities, even for critical attacks. Keep him in melee range, since that limits the number of is attacks. At one point, both of them will be on fire and in melee mode, so be careful. After they switch modes, keep attacking the one you’ve already damaged until you kill it. Only then should you start on the second one.

If you choose to attack the poison-spewing demon first, dodge the Poison attacks, then land a couple of your own. Just be careful not to get hit by the melee attacks of the other one. In everything else, the strategy from above applies. Soon enough, both the Demon from Below and Demon in Pain will fall. Try to save Estus for the next round; as many as you can.

How to Beat Demon Prince in Ringed City

The last demon you killed in the fight above will now transform into the Demon Prince. Fortunately, his melee attacks are practically identical to the ones in the first phase. After he transforms, you can immediately hit him a few times. You can kinda cheese this fight by always staying behind the Demon Prince or near his legs. Here, you’ll be shielded from most attacks. Keep him locked on to make dodging easier. He’s prone to stagger, just like in phase one, so use every opportunity to land a critical attack.

The one attack that you have to be on your guard for (but can also exploit) is the meteor shower. The Demon Prince will summon two giant fireballs that will shoot smaller ones at you. When that happens, run over and land a few hits until the demon glows and spews fire. At that point, run away, then start the cycle again.

If the Demon Prince flies up, you can block his dive attack if you have a good enough shield. However, dodging might still be better. Pay attention to his attack patterns and keep him on a short leash. It’s best if you can just keep him in melee. After a while, the Demon Prince will die.

Demon Prince Rewards

After you’ve defeated the Demon Prince, you’ll get the Soul of the Demon Prince. It’s a pretty powerful artifact with several uses. Here’s what you can use it for:

  • Consume it for 20.000 Souls
  • Make Demon’s Scar (Sword) or Seething Chaos (Pyromancy)
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