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Scholar Ring is an attribute ring you can get in Dark Souls 3. It increases intelligence by five.
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Considering you can find this ring later on in the game, five attribute points might be not as much as it sounds. It can help you if you’re not investing heavily in this attribute, but need to pass a threshold for a weapon or spell. This guide will show you how to get Scholar Ring in Dark Souls 3.

Scholar Ring Location

Area: Lothric Castle
The Closest Bonfire: Grand Archives

  1. In order to get into the Grand Archives, you’ll have to defeat three cinder lord bosses, Dancer of the Boreal Valley and Dragonslayer Armour
  2. Once inside the Grand Archives, you should hunt down the Crystal Sage-looking enemy that teleports from spot to spot.
  3. You can find the ring near the last spot he teleports to. To reveal its location, you’ll have pull the lever that moves the bookshelves. This lever is next to the door that leads to the small balcony with a knight looking into the distance.
  4. Pull the lever to move the bookshelves, then grab the Scholar Ring from the dead body on the chair.

Scholar Ring Description

A ring engraved with a portrait of a scholar.
Increases intelligence.
In Lothric, the Scholar has long been considered one of the Three Pillars of the king’s rule, and is therefore master of the Grand Archives.

This late in the game, five points may not make a difference to anyone who’s investing heavily in intelligence. On the other hand, if you’ve avoided leveling up your intelligence but would like to use a particular spell or weapon, this ring might make all the difference.

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