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Uchigatana is a weapon in Dark Souls 3. It’s a katana that causes bleeding, but has low durability.
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It can be obtained early on in the game, near Firelink Shrine. This guide will show you where to find Uchigatana in Dark Souls 3, it’s stats and moves.

Uchigatana Location

After you beat the Iudex Gundyr, you’ll go left up the hill, towards Firelink Shrine. Instead of going through the gate, take a left and follow the walls. You’ll see a locked gate at the end of the road, with a man dressed in rags in front of it, holding a sword.

After you kill him, you’ll get the katana, some of his clothes and 2000 souls. He’s a tough opponent – you can try to parry his attacks, dodge them, or kick him into the abyss. If you do the latter, you’ll have to reload the game before you get the items. They’ll be on the ground near where he fell.

Uchigatana Stats & Description

uchigatana weapon stats dark souls 3Item Description:
A unique katana characterized by the fine craftsmanship of an eastern land where it was forged. The finely-sharpened blade cuts flesh like butter and causes bleeding, but breaks easily as a result.
The Uchigatana causes bleeding, in addition to the physical damage it does. The downside is that you’ll have to repair it rather frequently – carrying a few bags of repair powder at all times isn’t a bad idea, either. It starts off with a D in dexterity scaling, but we presume it improves as you reinforce it.

You’ll need at least 16 DEX and 11 STR to use it. It mostly relies on vertical slashing moves, with a few thrusts and a single horizontal swipe. The vertical slashes are great mostly because they don’t collide with walls, which makes fighting in tight corridors and around pillars a lot easier.

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    Thank you very much! I used a combination of sniping with the long bow (from The High Wall of Lothric), getting the sabre master’s HPs lowered, but then he’d just zip down @ me, even trying to take him on, I almost killed him! However, to no avail. Tried to knock him off the cliff (debated jumping with him, dying 1st)! Then, sniped him, ran; came back (he was closer); sniped him and ran; came back around the corner & wondered where he was? I thought he was waiting to pounce on me from the stairs where the 2 undead were. Nope. Zoomed in with my bow. Nothing. I went up to where he should have been and nothing? Zipped down to the Firelink Shrine, sat at the bonfire, zipped around to the outside, again, making my way to a vantage point to zoom in with my bow & saw the tell tale “green fire” & noticed some additional souls in my soul count! Anyhow, still early in the game, only 2 points away (about to make it 1) from Dex & Strength, over all, then I can then use use the Uchikatana to 1 hand wield! Building an assassin w/overall Dex and additional Intel stats. Need to thank another site re some of their info on the game and some neat builds they put forward.

    Anyhow, thanks again, as “running away” really does work & though I’m not a new player (having played DS1 & 2, obviously gaming DS3; wanting to get a PS4 or the PC versions of Demon Souls, Bloodborne &, possibly, for DS2: Scholar of the 1st Sin), I had been in an accident that has partially paralyzed my left side, so I have to use every bit of knowledge that I can! Also, overall great site! Liked, and used, some of your Witcher 3 info, as well!

    Good luck to you & keep up the great work!

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