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Winged Knight Armor Set is a four-piece set in Dark Souls 3. To find this armor, you have to progress a bit through the game. It becomes available once you end up in Lothric Castle. It will make you look like a giant steel chicken. This guide will show you where to find Winged Knight Armor Set in Dark Souls 3, what it looks like and its stats.

Where to find Winged Knight Armor Set

Area: Lothric Castle
The Closest Bonfire: Lothric Castle

  1. To get to Lothric Castle, you’ll have to defeat the Dancer of the Boreal Valley Boss. Once she is defeated, you can climb the ladder to the higher areas of the Castle. Go straight after that.
  2. This path will eventually take you to the first bonfire – Lothric Castle. From here, you should progress through the building until you find yourself outside.
  3. As you come outside, keep to your right. Soon enough, you’ll notice a small room with the ladder that takes you to the upper floor. Use it.
  4. Go the side of the platform opposite from the ladder and hit the wall. It will open up to let you into a small area behind it. For this and many other Illusory Walls check out our Illusory Wall Locations Guide.
  5. Inside this hidden area, in front of the painting, is a dead body with a Winged Knight Armor Set.

Winged Knight Armor Set Description & Stats

Armor of the Winged Knights, who swore themselves to the Angels.
Worship of the divine messengers was viewed as heresy in Lothric and unrecognized by any of Three Pillars of rule.
This is believed to be why Gertrude, the Heavenly Daughter, was imprisoned in the lofty cell of the Grand Archives.

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