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Yhorm the Giant is a mandatory boss in Dark Souls 3. Yhorm appears in the game’s prologue and is definitely one of the memorable bosses.
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After you defeat him, you can collect the Grand Archives Key and enter the area with the exact same name. This area leads toward the last cinder lord, Prince Lothric. This guide will show you how to beat Yhorm the Giant in Dark Souls 3, which rewards to expect.

How to beat Yhorm the Giant

Name: Yhorm the Giant
Area: Irithyll Dungeon
The Closest Bonfire: Profaned Capital
Rewards: Cinders of a Lord, Soul of Yhorm the Giant, 36,000 souls

There is a simple and effective tactic for killing Yhorm. This tactic becomes mandatory once you realize that he actually has too many health points. The only effective way is to collect the Storm Ruler weapon found inside the boss room, equip it, charge it and hit the boss. In order to charge it, you have to hold it in two hands and use the weapons skill (ps4 – L2, xbox – LT) until it is fully charged. It takes a couple of seconds. Once charged, you can unleash its energy toward the boss for massive damage. For best results, unleash the weapon’s strength when you are next to the boss.

The tricky part is finding the time to charge the weapon, as Yhorm moves rather quickly and his attacks are quite devastating. In phase 2, he also becomes more active and you are even more vulnerable. As he likes to chain two or more attacks, wait for him to swipe onces, dodge out of it and start charging the weapon right after, as he swings one or two more times. Unleashing the power of the weapon from a long range will do about 3,000 damage, while releasing it from melee range does around 5,000.

Dark Souls 3 Storm Ruler Weapon
Storm Ruler Discription

Yhorm the Giant Tips and Tricks

  • If you’ve been following the questline of Siegward of Catarina, once you enter this area he will help you fight the boss. Check out our Siegward of Catarina guide for more info on this matter.
  • Storm Ruler can be obtained even before entering the room for the first time. In order to do so, you have to fail on a specific step of Siegward’s quest and let him die.
  • You can charge the Storm Ruler outside the boss room and use it inside.

Yhorm the Giant Rewards

The soul you get from him can be transposed into a shield or a sword:
  1. Yhorm’s Great Machete: 19 Weight weapon with 38 strength and 10 dexterity attribute points requirement. It is the weapon of Yhorm The Giant and it copies his attacks.
  2. Yhorm’s Greatshield: This is a Strike Greatshield with 100 physical block and 73 stability, but it requires 40 strength points.

Yhorm Move Set

Phase 1
  • Single hand weapon swipes – Does it more than once. Huge range, can swipe in front or to the side.
  • Single hand weapon strike – Usually comes with a charge once the target is further away.
  • Both hands strike – In front of the boss.
  • AOE melee pushback – Does it when you are close to it or in its blind spot. The pushback knocks you back but doesn’t do damage.
Phase 2
  • Phase 1 attacks are boosted with fire damage.
  • Left hand attack – If you are far away from the boss, it can do this jumping left hand attack toward you.
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