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Siegward of Catarina is an NPC in Dark Souls 3, also known as Sir Onion. You can meet him several times throughout the game, in different places.
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He’ll always be in trouble and need your assistance. If you help him, he’ll reward you every time. This guide will show you where to find Siegward of Catarina, how to advance his quest, and what items you’ll get from him as rewards.

Siegward of Catarina Locations

If you decide to follow his quest line, he’ll appear in several different places:

  • In the Undead Settlement, you’ll find him in the tower with the spear-wielding giant on top. He’ll ask your help with a fiery demon. Use the elevator, but jump off mid-way and land on a platform. Exit through the windows and you’ll see the demon roaming the village. You’ll get a pint of Siegbrau as reward. If you let Siegward fight the demon alone, he’ll end up dead.

  • In Cathedral of The Deep, Siegward will be at the bottom of a well outside of the Church of Cleansing. You’ll have to bring him his armor, which was stolen by Patches. In order to meet Patches, you’ll have to buy the Tower Key from the Handmaiden and get the Fire Keeper Soul from the bell tower above Firelink Shrine. Spare Patches, buy the armor from him, and bring it to Siegward. He’ll reward you with a gesture.

  • You’ll get to meet him next in Irithyll of The Boreal Valley, in the kitchen above the sewers. You need to get down to the water, then look for an arch leading into the sewer. Once you’re inside, keep an eye out for a well-lit staircase. Use it to get to the kitchen, and you’ll see Siegward sitting in front of the fireplace. He’ll share a plate of Estus soup with you (healing you in the process), give you a miracle and another keg of Siegbrau.

  • Your next encounter will happen in Irithyll Dungeon. You’ll find him trapped in a cell in a tower. Finding the key and letting him go will advance the quest and you’ll get a Titanite Slab for your effort. The Old Cell Key can be found in a chest in a sewer pipe next to the room with the giant. Get down to his feet, take the stairs up, then the ladder. You’ll end up on a ledge overlooking the tunnel entrance. His cell is past the Profaned Capital bonfire. Find the church surrounded by toxic water. Climb it and go to the left. Use the stairs to get to the highest part of the roof, then jump through a window into the tower where Siegward is locked.
  • Finally, he’ll help you beat Yhorm the Giant. If you’ve completed all of the other steps and attacked the boss in Irithyll Dungeon, Siegward will join the fight. There’s no summon sign – you just walk in and he appears. He can die at this stage as well, so it’s best not to let him fight alone. After the fight is over, you’ll get another Siegbrau for your effort. When you come to this arena next, you’ll find the Catarina Armor on the floor, along with the Storm Ruler.

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  1. S

    Hi. I have a problem in this quest. After killing the demon in undead settlement siegward dont go to cathedral of the deep. He is not there and patches dont have hi armor. What can i do? Thx

    1. 0

      Did you exhaust his dialogue after killing the deamon?

    2. L

      Go to the tower (that you buy the key for 20000 souls from the Handmaiden) by the Firelink shrine and go up the elevator. Go down again and Patches will have locked you in and then you can continue. Then go up the narrow stairs in Firelink shrine (on the right side when you enter) and Ptaches will be up there, buy the Catarina armor and then you are back on track.

    3. J

      You have to first kill Deacons of the Deep, after you do this he will appear in the well.

      1. S

        Not true, he appears in the well after you’ve opened all the big doors in the Cathedral. I hadn’t killed Deacons of the Deep and still had him spawn in the well. I had known about the questline beforehand so I came prepared and gave him his armor straight away. Only later I went on to kill the Deacons.

    4. C
      Caesar Callaway

      Have you killed the Decons of the Deep? You need to do that to have him move. You then find him in the well and then you can buy his armor after that.

    5. K

      You need to open all the big blue gates in this area and light all the bone fires in order for him to show up.

      1. S

        Thanks to everyone. i got after killing the boss Deacons of the Deep

    6. N
      Number Crawdad 50

      i had that problem he appears after a while

  2. C

    He doesnt show up in the Yhorm fight and sits in his Celle. Exhausted his dialoge…..
    Who is the Boss in the dungeon? Cant find any boss in this area….

  3. S

    If you go to Irithyll Dungeon before you meet Siedward in the kitchen, Siegward will skip the kitchen section (he will not show up there anymore) and he will not join you in the boss fight.

  4. C

    The quests in this game are such bullshit, way too much missables :r
    For godsake i only missed catarina in the kitchen wherever that is, never got through any kitchen in this game.. and now he wont show up against yhorm the giant who only takes 80 dmg a hit from my maxed weapon.. the hell man.. Yeah i know hes easy but i homeboned out after taking 15 minutes to ge this hp to 9/10. zzzzzzzz

    I dont think i can kill that thing without falling asleep if i dont have catarina with me.

    Such BULLSHIT. Im also a miracle user and i hope the spell i missed from catarina isnt one i wanted to use… I normally dont use guides but i couldnt find catarina anywhere anymore after saving him from the old jail cell.. and that brought me here..

    1. J

      To beat Yhorm – pick up the sword sitting right by him, equip it. Then charge L2 till it turns white….then while holding L2 hit R1. Viola.

    2. J
      Jim sucks at dark souls 3

      Sounds like you suck!

  5. S
    Syzygy Collapse

    If you want a challenge for Yhorm and still have it beatable without using the Storm Ruler, Seigward’s help, breaking your weapon or the batteries in your controller dying, he will stagger after several shots to the head with soul arrow, at which point you can crit him.

  6. H

    I killed him on accident, can i revive him

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      no – you have to play the game from the beginning or try and do his questline in new game +1

  7. C

    I have a problem where in my NG+1 he was insta-killed by one of those guys who wield a bandsaw like thing (The ones that throw the huge a** pots at you near the bridge in undead settlement.) I now have to beat the whole game again to get the 1 peice of armor i am missing for the sunlight warrior set that I want. I didn’t know in my first playthrough that you use the brew he gives you to trade for the chestpiece.) At first i laughed and then cried realising the pisstake that is a glitch.

  8. A

    So, what about skipping the Cathedral area? After killing the crystal sage I missed the entrance for the cathedral and just went back towards the woods and the abyss watchers. Killed them then found out about the deacons of the deep after going through the catacombs but left before fighting the boss. Did I screw up siegward and anri’s questline? Did the tower key, no Patches, no armor, no helpless siegward in a well. I do not want to start all over lol

  9. L

    I killed Yhorm and then decided to do this questline. Can I still get the armour. I’ve done all the other steps and I’ve lit the bonfire in Yhorm’s area.

    1. A
      An all but hole

      Yeah same here. Is there any bonfire aesthetic or anything to fight yorm again?

      1. S

        Me too, went back and did it. All I got was another Storm Ruler!

  10. L

    Guys I have done everything right but patches didn’t show me the Catarina set what should I do

  11. P

    If I quit the game after I pick the storm ruler will siegward help in the fight again

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