Dauntless Best Grenades - Barrage, Coldsnap, Inferno, Concussive

There are five types of grenades in Dauntless: barrage, coldsnap, inferno, concussive and transfusion. Each of them deals damage to behemoths, but they also have some unique quirks. Since there are only three consumable slots you can put them in, and they have to share them with tonics, you’ll have to choose which ones to bring to each fight. If you’re wondering how each of the grenades works and which ones are actually good, keep reading our Dauntless best grenades guide.

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dauntless best grenades
Dauntless Best Grenades

Barrage grenade

This is the first grenade you’ll unlock. It’s pretty much your basic frag grenade. When it hits a target, it’ll do 200-375 damage, then split into three smaller fragments, each of which does 96-180 damage. The damage itself is determined by your weapon power. Obviously, they’re not much use in the end game, but they can be of help in the early game. What they excel at is dealing with Boreus adds (the bats that appear in the frozen phase). You can easily clear a group of them with it.

Inferno grenade

The inferno grenade deals 120-225 blaze damage on impact, while also creating a flaming area that does 288-540 blaze damage for 4 seconds. It can be a nice addition to your arsenal when fighting frost behemoths, but only on lower levels. At some point the time lost pulling out, aiming and throwing it would be better spent by getting in a few more hits with your weapon.

Coldsnap grenade

The coldsnap grenade is kind of like the opposite of the inferno grenade, only less useful. It does 120-225 frost damage on impact, then splits into 8 ice orbs, which deal 32-60 damage each. The more weapon power you have, the less useful this one will be, and it’s not too useful to begin with.

Concussive grenade

This is by far the most useful of the bunch. It’ll do 240-450 damage, but more importantly, it can interrupt attacks. If you’re not using a weapon that has this capability by default (like a hammer), it’s a precious tool. You can only bring three of them on a hunt, but that means three short periods of free damage.

Transfusion grenade

Finally, there’s the medic grenade. It does 240-450 damage, then splits into three orbs that go towards the nearest injured slayers and heal them for 120 HP each. Not all that in regular conditions, but it can be a lifesaver if the danger meter is full.

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