Dauntless Best Swords - Radiant, Blaze, Frost, Terra, Umbral, Shock

Swords in Dauntless are the most versatile weapon in the game, even if they have no particular strengths, and they offer many different elemental variants that are really good. Dauntless Swords can be Radiant, Umbral, Storm, Blaze, Frost, Terra, etc. Now, there are some swords in Dauntless that are very clearly better than others, and that will provide you with a lot more mileage for your trouble. So, that said, here’s our Dauntless Best Swords – Radiant, Blaze, Frost, Terra, Umbral, Shock guide, in which we’ll give our picks of best swords for each element, including Valomyr’s Regard, Cry of the Shrike, Inferno’s Razor, Onus of Boreus, Storm Sword, Stalker’s Strike, and more.

Dauntless Best Swords - Radiant, Blaze, Frost, Terra, Umbral, Shock
Dauntless Best Swords – Radiant, Blaze, Frost, Terra, Umbral, Shock

Best Swords in Dauntless – Which Swords to Choose?

The best swords in Dauntless, and which sword you should choose, depends entirely on your style of play. They are the most well-rounded weapon you can choose, but that means they don’t have any major perks, either. Hell, based on your preferences, you might not even like playing with swords at all. That said, most swords have some great options for almost every different element. And it’s important to have different elemental weapons to deal with every one of the behemoths.

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The largest weakness of the sword is that it has the least reach. So, you want to be as mobile as you can in order to catch up with behemoths when they start running around the arena. Also, they’re not exactly great when it comes to staggering, but they are better some other weapons. So long as you knock the enemy in the head, you’ll manage to stagger it. So, yeah, focus on speed, mind all your combos, and you’ll be just great with the sword.

We’ll now go through what we believe are the best swords in Dauntless for each element. In some cases, the answer is really clear. In others, there are two options that are pretty much equally viable. Let’s dive right in.

Cry of the Shrike – Best Neutral Sword

Cry of the Shrike is probably among the first of the fancier swords you’ll be able to craft. All the crafting materials you need from it come from the Shrike. For the base version, you’ll need 3 Torn Shrikefeather, which is a common drop, and one Razor Beak, which you get by pounding the Shrike in the head. That’s something you wanna try and do anyway, if you’re going for the stagger.

Cry of the Shrike has two Mobility Cell slots, which is fantastic for movement speed. Also, its Perk is Conditioning, which increases Stamina regeneration. To top it off, the unique effect grants you +50 Part Damage to the first attack right after you dodge. This, coupled with the Reactive Hilt mod, will turn you into a veritable buzzsaw.

Another good option early on is the Raging Blade, which you craft from Gnasher Reagents. However, I’d go for the Shrike. True, it’s a build heavily slanted towards speed and movement, but then again, that’s what you want.

Inferno’s Razor – Best Fire Sword in Dauntless

Inferno’s Razor is a fantastic Fire Sword, or Blaze, if you will. The main catch here is staggering. The Perk is Overpower, which increases damage against staggered behemoths. Plus, its Unique Effect is that the eight hit in succession deals 250 bonus damage, and major Blaze damage. Realistically, you can only pull that kind of combo on a staggered beast. To craft Inferno’s Blaze, you’ll need 4 Hellhide and 2 Charred Browplate, both of which drop from Hellion.

Now, you might already see the problem here – Swords aren’t fantastic at staggering. So, Inferno’s Razor is a bit situational. You wanna have somebody on your team that is very stagger-happy for you to execute the full potential of your sword. Then again, everybody’s stagger-happy, so it’ll probably work just fine.

If you want something a little more universal, you can try the Ember Cutlass, made of Embermane parts (2 Hide, 2 Emberhorn, 1 Smoked Dewclaw). It has more mobility, and grants extra attack speed when dodging through an enemy attack. The Unique Ability is that every seventh hit deals +250% Part damage. Solid stuff, but not quite as beastly as the Inferno’s Razor under the right circumstances.

Onus of Boreus – Dauntless Frost Sword

Onus of Boreus is a great option for a Frost sword. Its Perk, like with the Cry of the Shrike, is Conditioning, which regenerates Stamina. Giving how Stamina-thirsty swords are, you get why this is good choice. The Unique Effect is generating Frost Sprites after using a Special continually. These sprites deal 50 bonus damage, plus some frost damage, and you can have up to four. To craft the Onus of Boreus, you’ll need 3 Boreus Hide, 1 Horn Fragment, and 1 Icy Hindscale. The hide is a common drop, the Horn comes from the head, and the Hindscale drops from, you’ve guessed it, the tail of the Boreus.

That said, the Winter Ice sword, made of Skreav Reagents (3 Skraev Feathers, 1 Skraev Tailfeather) is a fantastic option if you’re a player that likes to dodge and get up right in the enemy’s grill. It regenerates stamina when dodging through enemy attacks, and evading drops three Ice Mines on a 30 second cooldown. It’s a pretty good option; in fact, I’d say these two are about equal.

Dauntless Thundering Blade – Best Shock Sword

The Thundering Blade is arguably the best Storm or Shock sword in Dauntless; although, the Storm Sword makes a damned good case, as we’ll cover in a second. Now, the Thundering Blade is an excellent choice for some material farming; especially if you need some Tail Reagents (like an Elemental Tailgem). Why? Because it deals 20% damage vs behemoth tails. Plus, you get some increase to Lantern Charge from attacks, thanks to the Aetheric Attunement Perk.

To craft the Thundering Blade, you’ll need several Drask reagents. Specifically, 3 Drask Hide, 1 Fractal Eyetooth, and 1 Electroscale. The Hide is a common drop, the Eyetooth comes from the head, and Electroscale comes from the tail. So, yeah, great option for farming.

Now, the Storm Sword is an excellent option as well. This one is, again, for the more mobile. It has a Technique Cell and Mobility Cell. The Energized Perk increases your weapon meter gain. The Unique Perk grants you 300% meter gain with your next weapon attack after dodging through an enemy attack. Add that to the Adhesive Hilt mod that makes you unstaggerable while in special mode, and you can probably picture the amount of havoc you can cause.

Now, it is a bit trickier to farm reagents for this one. You’ll need 4 Stormclaw Hide, 2 Glinttooth, and 2 Capacitail. I think by know you can kinda glean which Reagent drops from which part of the beast. Hide you get for slaying the monster, Glinttooth comes from the head, Capacitail, shockingly, from the tail.

Skarn’s Rancor – Terra Sword in Dauntless

If we’re being brutally honest, none of the Terra swords in Dauntless are anything to write home about. But, if you really want to stick to nothing but swords, might as well use Skarn’s Rancor. Why? Well, because its Perk, Knockout King, increases your Stagger damage. Given how shaky Swords are with Stagger damage, it’s good stuff. Also, based on the damage you deal, there’s a chance that the sword will grant you a stacking 40 health shield that lasts for twelve seconds.

Plus, it’s not horribly hard to farm. All you need is 2 Rockscale and 1 Browscale. The Rockscale is a common drop for killing a Skarn, and the Browscale can drop if you hit the Skarn in the head. Overall, a fairly decent weapon, as far as Terra Swords go.

Another option for a Terra sword is Sovereign’s Torment. The Unique Effect gives a 25% increased damage to four consecutive attacks after not dealing damage for six seconds. Yeah, it’s a little stop-and-go. Its Perk, Sharpened, increases your Part damage. To make a Sovereign’s Torment, you’ll need to farm Koshai behemoths. It’s kinda meh, really, but you might like it.

Stalker’s Strike – Best Umbral Sword

Stalker’s Strike is definitely the best Umbral Sword in Dauntless. The Perk it has is Wild Frenzy, which increases your Attack Speed when you’re at low health. Personally, I don’t love gear that requires me to be at low health in the first place, but hey, it’s a good perk. It also has one Technique Cell and one Utility Cell. Oh, and it has a Unique Effect that becomes more powerful, depending on the power level. Let’s go through those.

Now, the Unique Perk of Stalker’s Strike is that it generates Shadow Orbs that increase your damage for five seconds. If you manage to generate five Orbs or more, the bonus will double. The Orbs generate while you’re dealing damage, based on the damage you deal. From the base level to +5, the Orbs give you a 1.5% damage increase. From +6 to +9, it’s 2%, and from +10 to +15, it becomes +2.5%, still doubling if you generate 5+ Orbs.

The behemoth you have to farm for the Stalker’s Strike is the Riftstalker, aka the bat-headed mountain lion thing that teleports around the stage being annoying. You’ll need 4 Rifthide and 2 Nightbringer Riftspike. The Riftspike drops if you hit the tail of the beast, and Rifthide is a common drop for killing the Riftstalker. A little tricky, maybe, but at this point, you’re probably already well-versed in the game.

Valomyr’s Regard – Best Dauntless Radiant Sword

Valomyr’s Regard, like Stalker’s Strike, is absolutely the best Radiant Sword in Dauntless. The Perk is Aetherhunter, which increases damage against aether-charged behemoths. It also offers one Power Cell and Utility Cell to modify it. Plus, it has a pretty good Unique Ability. Once you charge it, your next attack will deal 550 bonus radiant damage, and the charge rate will increase with your current health.

Now, as the name suggests, you’ll have to farm Valomyr in order to get the Reagents you need to craft this weapon. Specifically, you’ll need 4 Valomyr Hide, 2 Unstable Tailspike, and 2 Apocalypse Horn. Despite the frightening names, it’s more of the usual stuff. The Apocalypse Horn drops from hitting the Valomyr’s Horn, the Tailspike from the tail, and the Hide drops from just plain killing the monster.

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