Dauntless Weapon Mod Unlock & Equip - Weapon Mastery Modifications

Weapon Mods in Dauntless are perks for weapons that you can unlock and equip to get different effects. Equipping a Dauntless weapon mod can make your build even more powerful. In any case, they’ll make your life that much easier. There’s even one quest, In Mod We Trust, that will require you to equip a Weapon Mod. Therefore, you’re gonna want to unlock and equip mods in Dauntless asap. So, here in our Dauntless Weapon Mod Unlock & Equip – Weapon Mastery Modifications guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock Weapon Mods in Dauntless, how to equip them, as well as which weapon mods are available for each weapon type, and what they do.

Dauntless Weapon Mod Unlock & Equip - Weapon Mastery Modifications
Dauntless Weapon Mod Unlock & Equip – Weapon Mastery Modifications

How to Unlock Weapon Mods in Dauntless?

To unlock weapon mods in Dauntless, you have to raise the Weapon Mastery Level of the desired weapon to 6. This is going to unlock the first Weapon Mod. The second one unlocks at Weapon Mastery Level 10, and the third on Level 16. For comparison’s sake, every weapon has 20 levels of mastery as of writing this article. The only outlier here are the Ostian Repeaters. They have six mods. Three unlock on the previously mentioned levels, while the other three unlock through quests.

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If you go to the Mastery tab in the main menu, and scroll across the different weapons, you’ll see the different tasks you have to perform to boost your Weapon Mastery. For the most part, though, you’ll probably unlock them fairly reliably by playing the game with your weapon of choice. Each mod you unlock will be applicable for all weapons of the same type. So, if you unlock a mod for a sword, you can apply it to all the swords you own.

How to Equip Dauntless Weapon Mods?

To equip weapon mods in Dauntless, first go to the Loadout tab in the menu. From there, highlight and select your weapon from the upper left corner. Then, take a gander at the Modifications list. The second tab is the mod tab. Select it and slot in the mod you want. If you haven’t unlocked any mods for that weapon type, the game will let you know. It’ll flat-out tell you to unlock mods in order to use them. Plus, if you do still select the Mods tab, it’s gonna be empty. Just in case you didn’t get the message the first time around.

Now, which weapon mods you’re going to use is going to depend at least slightly on your gameplay preferences. However, the fact remains that each of them grants you with a bonus that is useful. Some of them, though, are kinda better than others. Oh, and by the way, you’ll have to equip a weapon mod to complete the In Mod We Trust quest that Wils Bormen gives you. So, now we’re going to list all the mods for each weapon and what they do to help you choose.

Axe Weapon Mods

Volatile Axecore – Mastery Level 6 – Charging attack deals AoE damage to nearby enemies at each charge level.
Lightweight Haft – Mastery Level 10 – Movement speed while charging Horizontal Attacks is now increased instead of decreased and costs 50% less stamina.
Overcharged Cylinder – Mastery Level 16 – Determination can now stack up to 4 times.

Chain Blades Weapon Mods

Lightweight Chain – Mastery Level 6 – Dashing towards a Behemoth reduces stamina cost of the dash by 50%.
Hurricane Blades – Mastery Level 10 – Using Blade Spin grants stacking on-next hit damage that is consumed when using other attacks.
Serrated Blades – Mastery Level 16 – Bladed attacks have a chance to cause your next swinging blades to be a critical strike.

Hammer Weapon Mods

Weighted Crown – Mastery Level 6 – Stagger damage is no longer halved when attacking Behemoth legs. Stagger damage can now be dealt to all Behemoth parts.
Impulse Crown – Mastery Level 10 – Aerial Strike grants increased damage dealt for 10 seconds. Bonus is doubled if a Behemoth’s head is struck.
Extended Clip – Mastery Level 16 – Ammo increased to 6.

Ostian Repeaters Weapon Mods

Capacitive Magazine – Mastery Level 6 – Using an ability returns 4 ammo to the magazine.
Scoped Sights – Mastery Level 10 – Increases damage falloff range by 25%.
Lucky Magazine – Mastery Level 16 – Grants 2% critical strike chance for each round missing from the magazine.
Extraction Catalyst – Reduce both ability cooldowns by 2 seconds when dodging through Behemoth attacks. Unlocks through quest.
Lightweight Frame – Gain 20% increased movespeed when at 6 or less ammo. Unlocks through quest.
Precision Sights – Deal 5 increased damage when attacking the same part multiple times. Stacks up to 8 times. Unlocks through quest.

Sword Weapon Mods

Adhesive Hilt – Mastery Level 6 – Become unstaggerable while in special.
Reactive Hilt – Mastery Level 10 – Dodge attacks always critically strike.
Perpetual Bladecore – Mastery Level 16 – Dealing damage while in special generates a small amount of special meter.

War Pike Weapon Mods

Concussive Payload – Mastery Level 6 – Use to convert meter into ammo. Hold to spend ammo to fire a missile that damages and can interrupt Behemoths.
Savage Wellspring – Mastery Level 10 – Use to convert meter into ammo. Hold to spend ammo to create an aura that buffs nearby allies with critical strike chance. Duration increases with ammo quality.
Godhand – Mastery Level 16 – Use to convert meter into ammo. Hold to spend ammo to channel a beam that damages Behemoths the more it remains damaging them.

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