Dauntless Neutral Skullgem - How to Get

Neutral skullgem is one of the crafting reagents in Dauntless. It can be used to upgrade weapons and armor, and it’s one of the rarest materials in the game. If you’re having trouble obtaining it, and you need it for the exotic blueprints or something similar, keep reading this guide and we’ll show you how to farm neutral skullgems in Dauntless.

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dauntless neutral skullgem how to get
Dauntless Neutral Skullgem – How to Get

Best neutral skullgem farming method

In order to get a neutral skullgem, you’ll have to break it off the head of a neutral behemoth that’s at least at threat level 8, and you’ll have to do it within 2 minutes of starting the fight. Your best bet would probably the the Deadeye Quillshot. It’s the first version after the basic one – it’s at threat level 12, and you’ll need at least 400 power to deal with it.

One of the tactics we’ve seen mentioned a lot is just jumping in with a fully upgraded pistols and focusing fire on the head. It’s best to go with the Captain’s Grip – more attack speed is essential here. For the same reason, you’ll probably want at least +3 Molten, either from a cell or from your armor. As for damage upgrades, a Searing Prism is great because you will be unloading at great speeds. So is the precision sights mod, which increases damage after you’ve shot the same part several times. Since you’re only going for the head, this one’s pretty great.

If you’re good at dodging, you can push for Evasive Fury as well, as it increases your damage after you dodge through an attack. This is also important if you want to empower your guns, which will increase the amount of damage you do. It might take some practice, and it might take even more to put together a good enough loadout for this, but it’s doable.

In short: get some adequate gear and kill it in the head.

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