Celeste Creator Announces Over 100 Free DLC Levels

Matt Thorson, the main man behind last year’s hit platformer Celeste, has announced why the planned free DLC levels didn’t come out when planned. As it turns out, the project has inflated to over 100 levels, which, might I remind you, are going to be ultra-hard. Sounds good, doesn’t it? I’d say it’ll reward you for your patience.

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Celeste Creator Announces Over 100 Free DLC Levels
Celeste Creator Announces Over 100 Free DLC Levels

Back in December 2018, around Christmas, the creator of Celeste, Matt Thorson, announced that the team has been cooking up a batch of ultra-hard levels to celebrate the game’s first birthday. As the anniversary of the game’s launch, January 25th, drew nearer, Thorson announced that they won’t be making the date, but that development is drawing to a close. That was in April, and the levels still aren’t out. Thanks to Twitter, now we know why.

According to Thorson’s Twitter, they are not giving any exact release dates for the DLC. This is because they’ve “missed every internal target we set for ourselves as the Chapter grew in scope.” Just how much did the Chapter balloon? Well, it seems that Chapter 9 of Celeste is going to have over 100 levels. Yeah, I’d say that more than excuses the delay, wouldn’t you? That kind of content drop is difficult for AAA companies to pull off (see: Anthem’s Cataclysm event stream), let alone a very small indie team. And I’m certain it’s gonna be worth the wait.

Celeste came out on January 25th 2018. You can get it on basically every single platform you can think of; PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and macOS. It’s a critical darling, and even the gaming public is in perfect agreement that the game is really good. And I always respect a developer that respects their fans as much as Matt Thorson does. I’m gonna have to give Celeste a spin real soon.

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