Dayz Flies Buzzing When Standing Still Fix

DayZ has released its Halloween event and this has resulted in flies buzzing around players who are standing still, with many needing a fix. Designed to be spooky fun, it aims to turn your character into an authentic corpse. However, many people have found it less than exciting. They have found it downright annoying. Read on as we discuss the Dayz buzzing when standing still fix.

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Dayz Flies Buzzing When Standing Still Fix
Flies Buzzing in Dayz

The problem stems from part of the game’s Halloween event. In previous years, the map was in a constant state of sunset. The infected spawned wearing Jack O Lantern helmets, and wolves and bears spawned more aggressively.

This year’s event has changed a lot. Unfortunately, it was not to the delight of many players. The changes have been noted by many as rather annoying, with players asking how long it will be until the event is over. Most of this comes from a change that sees buzzing flies appear when you are standing still. You can see this in the screenshot above from reddit user Mega-Yeet.

The first major difference is that zombies have orangey-red headlights on them. This gives them an eerie glow. Glowing zombies function as normal and don’t have any particular skills or infections. As they light up at night, you don’t need to worry about stumbling into them in the dark. This is a positive for most players.

Dayz Flies Buzzing When Standing Still Fix
Dayz Flies Buzzing When Standing Still Fix

Another change is the number of wolves on the map. They are spawning and chasing players every 20 minutes or so. No fix is available for this at the minute.

However, the most annoying is the cloud of flies around your avatar. Every 30 seconds these flies will come in droves. They create an annoying buzzing sound in the game, which can spoil your enjoyment.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait long for a Dayz fix to the buzzing flies problem. The developers have announced a patch tomorrow that will fix the issues, meaning flies do not spawn so quickly. Swatters and deodorants will also be available in the game to get rid of the flies.

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