Guardians of the Galaxy Nikki Choices - Tell Ko-Rel the Truth or Take the Blame

In Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, you will periodically need to make certain dialogue choices. These can have unexpected consequences down the line, like the Sell Rocket or Sell Groot choice, which results in entirely different gameplay sections. Chapter 2 is where you will also have to make another one of these choices, and decide whether or not you want to help out Nikki. Both of these choices will result in different outcomes, and our Guardians of the Galaxy Nikki Choices – Tell Ko-Rel the Truth or Take the Blame guide will tell you what you can expect from both of these.

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Nikki Choices - Tell Ko-Rel the Truth or Take the Blame - Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Nikki Choice – Tell Ko-Rel the Truth

At the beginning of Chapter 2, you will need to make a choice of whether to hide the llama or the tech. Whichever one you choose, you will get arrested and be brought on board. Here, you will meet Nikki, a young cadet, who will escort you to the brig. Of course, this being GotG, something goes wrong, and you will be separated from your team. However, this will give you the chance to get to know Nikki more. You can either back her up, or tell her to look at it from Ko-Rel – her mother’s – perspective.

The real choice will occur in the elevator. Since Nikki has a special passkey that lets her unlock security measures, she can freely wander the ship. The problem is, she isn’t supposed to have this. If you side with her mother and select the “Tell Ko-Rel the Truth” option, Ko-Rel will confiscate this passkey from her. Doing so doesn’t really give you any sort of advantage in the game, and this can be considered the “bad” option because of that.

Guardians of the Galaxy Game – Take the Blame Choice

If you select the “Take the Blame” option, you will convince Ko-Rel that it was you that hacked the doors and that Nikki had nothing to do with it. To thank you, Nikki will give you the Access Card. This is the “better” choice, since this Passkey is an otherwise missable Compendium Item. You will be able to use this Access Card in Chapter 7 to open some doors and get the Collectibles there. You will only be able to do this if you sided with Nikki over Ko-Rel. In fact, choosing Ko-Rel’s side doesn’t give you any benefits, so the optimal route is to be as nice to Nikki and always stick up for her.

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