Dead Rising 3 Weapon Blueprints Locations

Continuing the tradition to create new weapons by combining two or more weapons, Dead Rising 3 introduces more than 100 different Combo Weapons, including the Super Weapons. Super Combo Weapons are advanced weapons build by combining a larger number of items.

In the list below you will find Combo Weapons listed in the order that you are likely to find particular blueprints, along with needed ingredients.
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List of Combo Weapons

WeaponIngredientsChapterBlueprint LocationWeapons Locker No.
Tactical Handgun
  1. Handgun
  2. Flashlight
Chapter 0Reward for completing Chapter001
Sledge Saw
  1. Sledgehammer
  2. Cement Saw
Chapter 0 Obtained during dinner002
Spiked Bucket
  1. Meat Cleaver
  2. Bucket
Chapter 0Ingleton, in the kitchen of the Big Bulls Butchery003
Dragon Punch
  1. Motorcycle Engine
  2. Boxing Gloves
Chapter 0 Ingleton, on the table in Sunny Luck Fortune store.
  1. MMA Gloves
  2. Car Exhaust
Chapter 0 Ingleton, Boxing Gym in a hallway.
Pole Weapon
  1. Spear
  2. Hat Rack
Chapter 0 Ingleton, on the table in Motel014
  1. Fire Axe
  2. Hatchet
Chapter 0 Ingleton (South), on the roof outside the safe zone015
Flaming Helmet
  1. Dragon Head
  2. Motor Oil
Chapter 0 Ingleton (South), in the courtyard of Chinese Temple
Jack in the Box
  1. Cardboard Box
  2. Toy Robot
Chapter 0 Ingleton, in Rhonda’s garage
Chop N Talk
  1. Battleaxe
  2. GameConsole
Chapter 0 Ingleton, use beam platforms to reach the roof of the barber shop
Heavy Metal
  1. Lead Pipe
  2. 2×4
Chapter 0 Ingleton, on top of the black police bus near Rhonda’s garage.
Spiked Bat
  1. Baseball Bat
  2. Box of Nails
Chapter 0 Ingleton, in the upper-left corner on the porch of the house
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