Dead Space 3 Chapter 4 Artifact Locations

Chapter 4: History’s Ember in Dead Space 3 may not seem like a long chapter or an especially Artifact filled chapter, but during this mission you will also get your first side mission, which contains more Artifacts and then there is the Co-Op side mission as well, which contains more collectibles, so in the end you end up with 4 collectible Artifacts during this level alone.Dead Space 3 Chapter 4

EarthGov Artifact 03

Once you manage to get inside the Admiral’s Quarters you will be able to collect several logs and one of the artifacts.As soon as the cutscene ends you will be facing a window.
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Turn 90 degrees to your right and you will see the slight shimmering of the Artifact.

S.C.A.F. Artifact 06

At one point you leave the ship and enter space. moving straight will get you to a trench like construction in the floor of the spaceship. Around the middle of this trench is the next artifact in this chapter.

Next artifact can be found if you go do the Optional Mission C.M.S. Greely. AS soon as you exit the ship you should get an encoded transmission that starts the optional mission. You now go to the shuttle and instead of going to C.M.S. Terra Nova you will go to C.M.S. Greely. There you will find 2 more Artifacts.C.M.S.  Greely Dead Space 3

Alien Artifact 01

This is the first Alien Artifact you will find in Dead Space 3. It is located in a room where the experiments were conducted. Under one of the bright neon lights is the Alien artifact.

Last artifact can be found close to C.M.S. Brusilov. There is no side mission that will take you there (unless you are playing Co-OP), but you can still travel there and explore the surroundings.

S.C.A.F. Artifact 08

As soon as you leave the shuttle you will see Brusilov to the right and below the landing platform you will notice a large ship part with a number 6 on it. You need to go to the other side of that ship part (opposite of where the number 6 is). You will notice an airlock you can open with your Telekinesis. Inside you will find the last Artifact in this Chapter.
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