Artifact Locations in DS3 Chapter 14

Chapter 14: “Everything Has Its Place” has two optional mission, one co-op mission and 7 artifacts total to be found. After the slim pickings of the previous chapters those prone to collecting stuff will have a field day here.
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Unfortunately for those that do not play co-op, you will not be able to find all of the collectibles without finding a co-op partner. NOTE: This is the chapter in which you can find the Peng statue collectible.Artefact Locations Dead Space 3 Chapter 14

Alien Artifact 04

You will enter a hallway infested with organic growth and organic mines. You will use toxins to purge the hallway. This will open access to a room and a cargo life. The room that becomes available leads you to Neurology. Inside it you will fight a necromoph on the wall. Left of him is the artifact.

Alien Artifact 04

From Neurology you head back into the purged hallway and use the cargo lift to get to the Paleontology Sector. Once you are find the the alien sample you will exit Paleo and you will have a choice of going to the Reaper Barracks (location of the optional mission) or the door on the left. That door holds another infested hallway that you get to purge. This opens access to another door that takes you to the Zoo. As you enter the Zoo the artifact is on your right.

S.C.A.F. Artifact 18

Go back and enter Optional Mission: “Reaper Barracks”. You will get to an area with spiked pistons you need to freeze with Stasis in order go through. Note: Peng is hidden behind the piston. Use kinesis to pick it up while the piston is frozen with stasis. Doing so will unlock the achievement There’s Always Peng!. After the piston room you will get to a bench and in the next room is the artifact.

S.C.A.F. Artifact 16

You go back through the once infested hallway that took you to the Zoo. This time you continue, following the main mission objective marker and get all the way back to the main hallway, where you started your visit to paleontology. There is one section you have not been to and that is Geology sector. You will reach an outside area with some aliens that hide behind boxes. After you are done with them, take the cargo elevator and you will get to a section with large blocks of ice. Behind one is the next artifact.

Unitologist Artifact 05

In the Geology section you will find a key to the second Optional Mission named “Disposal Services“. Entrance to this optional mission is where those necromorphs were hiding behind the crates. Just before you enter the Optional Mission look to your left. Artifact is hidden behind a pillar there.

S.C.A.F. Artifact 17

Last single player artifact in this chapter is located in the last room (Explosive Storage) of the optional mission Disposal Services. As you enter the room go straight, turn right and left, behind a corner, is the artifact.