Dead Space 3 Chapter 14 Log Locations

Lot of Logs collecting is happening in Chapter 14: “Everything Has Its Place”. There are total 11 logs to be found and you will be hunting for them in two optional missions and one co-op mission.
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Dead Space 3 Log Locations Chapter 14

Text Log no.1

After you meet up with Ellie and Carver you go to the Pump room (at the end of the long infested corridor). As you enter the log is to your right.

Audio Log no.1

After you sterilize the corridors, several new rooms will become accessible. If you follow your objective tracker, you will end up in the Neurology room. The audio log is left as you enter the room.

Audio Log no.2

You’ll go to Paleontology Sector next via a cargo lift. Once you get to the room where the Rosetta sample is (with the cylindrical tube you need to align) you will find the next audio log.

Text Log no.2

After Paleo you can choose to continue with the main mission or enter Optional Mission “Reaper Barracks”. We went for the optional mission immediately and as you enter the Reaper Barracks you find a text log.

Text Log no.3

There is another text log next to the Suit Kiosk in the same room as the previous log. Screenshots would be an overkill – that’s how simple it is to find it.

Text Log no.4

As you open the door to the next room you see the third text log in Reaper Barracks right in front of you. So easy, no screenshots are needed.NOTE: You will enter a room with spiky pistons next. There is a Peng statue behind the spiky piston that you can grab if you use stasis on the piston and than pull the statue with your kinesis.

Audio Log no.3

By now you have finished Reaper Barracks Optional Mission and are back in another infested corridor, which you cleanse. This opens the door to the Zoo. This room holds the large specimens and you can find the text log on a desk to the right, as you enter the room.You will be going to Geology Sector next. Inside it you will find the key that unlocks the second optional mission Disposal Services. Inside Disposal Services you will find three more logs.

Text Log no.5

The first room you enter after you descend into Disposal Services is the Workshop. As you enter it the text log is to the right of the stairs that lead into the room.

Text Log no.6

After the room that has the engineering bench you will enter the Central Chamber Hall room that has the next text log on a desk. (in the same room is the door you need a tungsten bar to open)

Text Log no.7

Last text log in this Chapter is right after the room with computer monitors.


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