Dead Space 3 Artifact Locations in Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Expect Delays contains 3 Artifacts, of which one is found during the optional mission Conning Tower.Dead Space 3 Artifact Locations in Chapter 5

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Artifact 03

This artifact is found on the bridge of Terra Nova.

S.C.A.F. Artifact 04

After you do that “tetris” matching of cargo elements and go through that broken elevator sequence you will be shown a small instructional video on how to use Kinesis to impale enemies. After that you will climb a ladder and the artifact is hidden there behind some cargo.

S.C.A.F. Artifact 05

This artifact is located during the Optional Mission Conning Tower. You get to Conning Tower by taking the tram to the Mid Station, instead of the Aft Station (where the main quest leads you). After the section where you encounter your first electrical traps you will enter a big room. Go down the first ladder you see and you will see several chairs and computer panels. Next to one of the chairs is the last artifact in Chapter 5.
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