Dead Space 3 Artifact Locations in Chapter 9

Chapter 9: “Onward” contains 3x artifacts. It is a long mission with an equally long optional mission and here are the screenshots and directions to help you locate collectable Artifacts.
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Dead Space 3 Chapter 9 Artifacts

S.C.A.F. Artifact 11

After you first encounter a new type of weaker enemies you will enter a Pump Room. You will recognize it by the sound of an enemy trying to get out of a locked room and banging on the door, making noises. There is a dark, with writings on the walls and blood covered, storage room that contains this artifact.

S.C.A.F. Artifact 12

You will find this artifact during the Optional Mission “Supply Depot“. Once you acquire your winter suit you go back outside. To do the optional mission you need to go back from where you cam from. Remember that pipeline that broke while you were in it? Remember that door that needed a passkey? That’s where the optional mission takes place. During the optional mission you will get to a room called Explosive Storage that is also (one of) the final room of the mission. As you enter it, keep right, next to the ice, and you will see the artifact in a niche in the wall.

S.C.A.F. Artifact 13

Once you are done with the optional mission you go back to the central building and continue the main mission. You will reach a big military complex and have an epic fight there. Once you are finished with the fight you will enter the military complex. In the second room from the entrance there is a ladder you want to climb. This takes you to a small room that holds a blueprint, text log and an artifact.
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