Dead Space 3 Log Locations in Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Inward has whopping 11 text and audio logs to be collected. It is no wonder since the main and side mission take a long time to complete.
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Here are screenshots and walkthrough guides to help you collect them all.Dead Space 3 Log Locations Chapter 9

Audio Log no.1

You’ll descend into the lower levels of the complex via an elevator. At one point you will come across a new type of enemy rummaging through a kitchen. In the next room you will fight a whole bunch of these guys. After that you will find your first Audio log in Chapter 9.

Audio Log no.2

There is a room where you have to deal with a system that employs spiked pistons. Once you manage to get past those you will find yourself in the control room overlooking the piston room and in it you will find your next audio log.

Audio Log no.3

As you get your new suit you will see the third audio log just past the gate.

Audio Log no.4

This log is located within the Optional Mission: Supply Depot. To get to this mission you need to go back to where the pipeline broke, in the previous chapter. There is a door you can unlock with the key you just picked up. As you enter the Supply Depot you will find the audio log on a desk inside the first room.

Text Log no. 1

This log is located in the Records room.

Audio Log no.5

You will get across a room with a corpse in some sort of torture contraption. Audio log is in that room.

Text Log no. 2

You will pass the part with the battery, descend using a cargo lift and get to a room with the engineering bench. Opposite of the bench, on a table, is the next text log.

Audio Log no.6

After you pass the bridge you will use an elevator. As soon as you exit the elevator the audio log will be in front of you.

Audio Log no.7

The last audio log can be found once you are done with the optional mission in a room filled with computer monitors.

Text Log no.3

You continue the main mission and you will find yourself in a huge military complex at one point (after an epic fight). Once you enter the complex, in the second room, you will see a ladder and you need to climb it. In a small room upstairs you will find the next text log (and some other goodies).

Text Log no.4

The last log in this chapter is located in a garage. Once you use the cargo lift to exit into an open area of the military complex the garage is located to your right. Inside, on a shelve, is the last text log.
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