Dead Space 3 Chapter 11 Log Locations

There are 10 Logs to be collected in Chapter 11: “Signal Hunting” mission. You will find some of them while doing the main mission, while some are located during the Optional Mission “Armory”.
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Unfortunately for single player gamers, some of these logs are located inside the co-op mission.deadspace3_2013_02_12_03_03_12_788

Audio Log no.1

You will pass the Nexus specimen and get to the Furnace room, inside which is the audio log.

Text Log no.1

You are sent to collect Probe parts and you go to Plateau Access area. As soon as you enter it you will see the text log.

Text Log no.2

Once you reach Delta Barracks and go inside you will find another text log. It is on a desk where the instructional movie is being played.

Text Log no.3

Another text log is located in the same room on a shelf, near some lockers.

Audio Log no.2

This log is found while you are doing the Optional Mission “Armory”. You can start this mission by following the red flares that appear after you finish a big fight with the necromorph monster. Once you enter the armory you will go through several cylindrical rooms. After one of those you will enter the Back hall room and find the text log on a desk.

Audio Log no.3

You will enter a room with soldiers downstairs that will attack you. Once you deal with them go down and in a niche down some stairs is the next audio log (across from the Armory key).The rest of the logs on this leve can be found inside the co-op mission, so you will need a friend in order to find them all.
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