Dead Space 3 Chapter 18 Log Locations

It is time to resolve this whole alien conundrum and Chapter 18: Kill or Be Killed is the place to be. You can pick up 3 Log collectibles along the way.
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Log Locations Dead Space 3 Chapter 18

Text Log no.1

As the chapter starts you will get to a non-active engineering bench and near it is a text log on some scaffolding.

Audio Log no.1

You will use on of those conduits that make you fly to distant locations. As you progress you’ll come across another dead engineering bench that you can start with the nearby generator. As you start the generator an audio log will play. (just before you use kinesis to solve that huge turning puzzle).

Audio Log no.2

You made it! This is the last text log in the game. Congratulations! As you progress through the chapter you will get to the very end. Next to the remains of Dr. Serrano you will find the final Dead Space 3 Log collectible.
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