Dead Space 3 Chapter 17 Log Locations

Chapter 17: “A Strange City” is when you finally get to explore the alien city and you have 7 Logs to find during your adventures. Cool thing about logs in this chapter is that they will tell you the full story of the Markers and the alien plans.
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Log Locations in Dead Space 3 Chapter 17

Text Log no.1

When you enter the first room in this chapter there is a chalkboard on your right, and on it is the first text log of the chapter.

Audio Log no.1

Once you get inside a room with red markers, following the mission tracker will get you to a T junction. Mission tracker will tell you to go right, instead, you go left. There’s a door there you can open with a hacking mini game. This will play the audio log automatically.

Audio Log no.2

The door you just hacked takes you to Artifact Storage Optional Mission. As you enter the optional mission area you will see the audio log to your right, next to a frozen soldier necromorph.

Text Log no.2

Text log is in the same room as the audio log described above. Just follow the mission marker to the door and you will find it on the floor.

Text Log no.3

You enter a zero gravity room and you go down. Third bridge down holds the next text log.

Text Log no.4

Second room with Zero-G has lazors you need to avoid. There is a text log on the bottom bridge.

Audio Log no.3

You continue the main mission and you will get to a part where you have to use enhanced Kinesis circle to move vine-shaped structure to gain access to the Machine. As you stand on the circle the audio log will start playing.
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