Dead Space 3 Log Locations in Chapter 3

Third chapter in Dead Space 3 has 2 logs to be collected. Their location is not as trivial as in the previous chapters so check out our guide.
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Dead Space 3 Log Locations Chapter 3

Text Log no.1

While going through this chapter you will come across a room that is a small movie theater. Once you exit the movie theater you will be in a corridor with another door (that takes you to the Service Deck), but you want to keep going to the end of the corridor. You will find the text log next to a corpse (and there is a weapon part nearby as well).

Text Log no.2

You will get to a cylinder room with no gravitation and huge fans in the middle. Once you get across the no gravitation area (and some enemies) you will enter a small room with a ladder. Inside the room is the last Log collectible in this Chapter.
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