Dead Space 3 Log Locations in Chapter 5

Expect Delays is the fifth chapter in Dead Space 3 and it contains 9x Logs total.Log Locations in Dead Space 3 Chapter 5

Audio Log no.
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The first audio log is located on the bridge of C.M.S. Terra Nova. You will ee it right of the pilot chairs.

Text Log no. 1

After your visit to the cockpit you will climb some stairs and, straight ahead, next to a corpse, is where you’ll find the next collectible log.

Text Log no. 2

You will find the next text log in a room containing the crafting bench.

Audio Log no. 2

As soon as you enter the room in which you organize the cargo like tetris blocks you will find the audio log to the right of the entrance.

Text Log no. 3

This log is in the same room as the previous one. Go down to where the mechanism for controlling cargo is. Turn away from the windows and you will find the text log sitting on a shelve.

Audio Log no. 3

After the elevator “incident” you will enter Cradle Ops and immediately to your right will be the third audio log.Next three logs are located during the optional mission Conning Tower. You start this mission by taking the tram to the Mid section instead of the Aft section of Terra Nova. Once you enter the Mid section you will start a side quest of finding Edwards. There is actually a 4th (audio) log in Conning Tower, but this one is assigned to Chapter 6 collectibles. Go figure…

Text Log no. 4

While going through the optional quest you will enter a generator room with two huge generators spinning. On a desk, that you reach by going downstairs, is the fourth text log.

Text Log no. 5

Next, you will enter an elevator and you will need to get Edwards’ Access key, which is located on the second floor. In the same room is the next text log as well.

Audio Log no. 4

You will go to the third floor and finally find Edwards. Audio log will start playing automatically as you approach it.
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