Artifact and Log Locations in DS3 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 starts once you get to the Aft section of Terra Nova. TURN BACK.
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Log collectible is located in the MID Section (where the optional mission, Conning Tower, is). There are only one Artifact and one Log to be collected in Chapter 6: Repair to Ride and we’ll show you both in this single guide.Artifact and Log Locations in Dead Space 3 Chapter 6

S.C.A.F. Artifact 07

Interesting fact about this artifact is that you can pick it up during Chapter 4, but if you missed it back then you can find it once you get blown out into outer space. The biggest wreckage you see in space is where the artifact is at. The artifact is on the other side of this wreck, looking from your starting position. Be careful of the monsters shooting human seeking missiles and mines.

Audio Log

As I’ve said above, you need to reach the Mid Section of Terra Nova, which means you did not start the events in Chapter 6 that take place in the Aft section. If you can, go back to Mid Section using the tram. Once you reach the Mid Section, to the right is the elevator that takes you to the Optional Mission Conning tower. To the left is an easy puzzle that opens the door to a room that holds the only Log in Chapter 6.
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