Death Stranding Likes Guide - How to Get More

Likes are a kind of currency in Death Stranding. You’ll get them by helping others and completing missions, but it’s not really clear what they’re used for and exactly how to get them. Once you figure out they’re used to level up ranks, you’ll want a way to earn more of them. This is where we come in – our Death Stranding likes guide will show you how to earn more.

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death stranding likes guide
Death Stranding Likes Guide – How to Get More

How to earn likes in Death Stranding?

The main way of earning likes is completing deliveries. NPCs will reward you with a certain amount of likes for each successful mission. The better you perform, the more likes you’ll get – so make sure you don’t lose or damage the cargo. If you take on premium restrictions, you’ll get more likes, but it’ll be harder. Also, make sure you pick up any lost cargo you find along the way – delivering it will give you likes as well.

The other big way to obtain them is by helping others. The game contains asynchronous multiplayer elements: whenever you put down an object/building, it might also appear in another player’s world. For instance, you put down a ladder to climb up a steep cliff, and it shows up in someone else’s world as well. Now they don’t have to waste the resources to build one themselves – when they use yours, you’ll automatically be awarded a like. They can even manually reward you with more likes if they appreciate the gesture.

This applies to every single thing in the game. Likes can be awarded for useful or funny messages you leave, buildings you create, roads you build, vehicles you store in a garage for others to use. The best investment in that sense are roads. Everyone will want to use roads and avoid the rough terrain, and the best thing about them is that building them is a team effort. They’re pricey, and a lot of players will have to contribute to a road. Every time a player rides down that road, each builder will receive a certain amount of likes.

This goes for other buildings as well. If you help improve another player’s object by investing your own, hard earned resources, the likes earned when someone uses it will be split between all the builders and investors. You can improve your social earnings by signing Strand Contracts. This is basically adding people as friends, and it increases the number of likes you get when using each other’s objects. It is only unlocked after you’ve increased your Bridges Link stat enough, so you’ll have to wait a bit.

Minor ways of earning likes include reading emails (whenever a customer sends you an email after a successful delivery, you’ll have a small amount of likes waiting for you at the end of it) and killing or escaping BTs. Your bottle baby seems to enjoy monster encounters, and keeping it happy usually rewards you with likes. It also enjoys music, baths and all the other things humans tend to like.

What are likes used for?

Although they are presented as currency, they’re more akin to experience points. Earning them influences your porter grade and improves your standing in all of the five categories. Leveling up ranks in those categories will improve your abilities.

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