Death Stranding Power Skeleton - Location & Upgrade

Power skeleton is one of the tools that will help you become a better postman in Death Stranding. It’s an exoskeleton that gives you superhuman strength, which means you can carry more packages at once. Since Sam’s movement is the main enemy in the game, getting to carry more stuff at once will allow you to skip a bunch of backtracking, and you’re going to love it. If you’re wondering where to find this fine tool, or how to make it even finer, keep reading our Death Stranding power skeleton location & upgrade guide.

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death stranding power skeleton location upgrade
Death Stranding Power Skeleton – Location & Upgrade

Where to find power skeleton?

You’ll need to craft the power skeleton if you want one. But first, you’ll need a set of blueprints. You can get these from a prepper called The Engineer. He can be found in Central Region, directly south from Lake Knot City – it’s the guy with the short black hair and glasses. Connect him to the Chiral Network, and you’ll get the schematics. Now all you have to do is fabricate and equip your power skeleton, and your carry weight will increase instantly.

How to upgrade power skeleton?

Upgrading the power skeleton increases your carry weight even further, but it can’t be sped up. The upgrades are also applied via blueprints, which you’ll get as rewards from the Engineer when you improve your relationship with him. You’ll get the second blueprint once you hit 3 stars, and the third one when you hit 4.

Becoming best buds with the Engineer is pretty straightforward – just take on missions he offers, complete deliveries at his behest and bring him any lost cargo with his name on them. It might take a while, though, as you can’t force the game to offer you orders you’d prefer. Just keep an eye out for ones signed by the Engineer, and you’ll have your exquisite exoskeleton in no time.

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