Death Stranding EX Grenades

EX Grenades in Death Stranding are a type of weapon in the game, made up of Sam’s bodily fluids that you can collect at specific moments. You can use Death Stranding EX Grenades to stun enemies and open them up for more devastating attacks, so figuring out how to acquire them and how to use them properly is gonna make things way easier for you. Our Death Stranding EX Grenades guide will show you how to get and use EX Grenades in Death Stranding, as well as how to take a shower, how to pee and use the toilet in general, etc.

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Death Stranding EX Grenades
Death Stranding EX Grenades

How to Acquire EX Grenades in Death Stranding?

To acquire EX Grenades in Death Stranding, you’ll have to collect your bodily fluids in order to fashion them into weapons. You can do so in your Private Room, by using the shower / toilet combo. Showering nets you an EX Grenade 0, going number one gives you an EX Grenade one, and sitting down to go number two will grant you, appropriately enough an EX Grenade Number 2. Since the BTs are vulnerable to bodily fluids, you can understand how flinging one of these canisters would harm them. I mean, throwing any of these on me would cause harm, to be frank.

How to Shower in Death Stranding?

To shower in Death Stranding, you’ll have to push through the game until you come across your first Private Room. Don’t worry, this happens fairly early on, after the opening couple of missions. Once you’re in your private room, look to the left to find the shower / toiler combo. Highlight it and press Triangle to take a shower. Now is the moment that I have to disappoint some of you: no, you don’t get to see any of the goods. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Death Stranding How to Pee?

To pee in Death Stranding, the system is basically the same as with the shower. Head to a Private Room, and look to the shower / toilet. Then press Circle to take a leak. If, however, you erm, wanna get rid of a bigger load, as it were, press X instead. Oh, by the way, keep an eye out for the Easter Egg that pops up if you go number two, it’s pretty funny stuff if you like casual fourth-wall-breaking shenanigans.

How to Use EX Grenades in Death Stranding?

To use Death Stranding EX Grenades, hold L2 and take very careful aim, then fling them at the attacking BT. Make sure your aim is true, because you have a fairly limited amount of EX Grenades at your disposal. One more thing to keep in mind is that EX Grenades do not actually deal damage BTs. Instead, they kinda peel of their oily shells, leaving them open to actually deadly attacks, such as Hematic Grenades. Also, they seem to also stun the monsters for a bit, which is nice. Oh, and the effects of EX Grenades are temporary, so make sure to put the window you open to good use.

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