Rumor: Death Stranding has two leading ladies

As much as we would like to have heaps to say about the next Kojima game, there just isn’t much in the news. Still, the mysterious title has been playing with imaginations of many a player with its trailers full of symbolism, featuring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and Guillermo Del Toro. And Hideo Kojima is a master of teasing info in unexpected ways, perhaps so much so that his audience is seeing things even when they are not there.

Death Stranding May Feature Stefanie Joosten as Cast Member
Stephanie Joosten has been all but confirmed for the new Kojima game.

Stephanie Joosten’s name has been around for some time now, in regards to Death Stranding. Of course, she worked on, like it or not, the iconic Quiet character in Metal Gear Solid V. Her connection to Kojima is obvious and she seemed a particular favorite of his, so it is expected that she might be involved in his next title. Also, to keep the rumor mill working overtime, she spent some time at Guerrila Games (of Killzone and Horizon Zero Dawn fame) studios recently. Guess whose engine will Death Stranding be using? Yup, you got it.

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This is where things are getting weird. YongYea, a youtuber, has been throwing some theories that might be a bit far fetched, but they are nevertheless a fascinating insight into how the minds of fans work. So, his theory is based on an image showing several items of clothing, which include a female sweater. Another image from the same set includes an image of a pair of legs that could be female. Why would this be surprising if you already have Stephanie Joosten marked as a very probable female lead in Death Stranding? Well, you obviously did not do your homework – Stephanie was in China hosting the Game Cores event. Check mate!

Now, the mystery actress eludes even the theory-prone youtuber, although he does namedrop Emma Stone, just to spice things up. After all, Kojima loves his Hollywood, so why not.

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