Death Stranding All Rewards Unlocks - UCA Facility Levels, Weapons & Gear

UCA Facility Levels in Death Stranding and rewards they unlock are a huge part of the game, since those UCA level rewards include various gear, cosmetics, weapons, and other items. There’s only so many hours in a day, though, so you might want to go and level up specific Death Stranding UCA Facilities first, if their rewards are more appealing. Our Death Stranding All Rewards Unlocks – UCA Facility Levels, Weapons & Gear is going to show you which rewards you’ll get by leveling the different UCA facilities in Death Stranding, including weapons, gear, cosmetics, etc.

Death Stranding All Rewards Unlocks UCA Facility Levels Weapons & Gear
Death Stranding All Rewards Unlocks – UCA Facility Levels, Weapons & Gear

Death Stranding All Easter Region UCA Facility Locations & Rewards

There’s a total of seven UCA facility locations in the Easter Region of Death Stranding. They include Capital Knot City, Ludens Fan, Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City, Musician, Wind Farm, Waystation West of Capital Knot City, and Port Knot City. There’s a bunch of stuff to unlock here on top of a ton of necessary tools that the game will give you. For example, hologram data, various cosmetics, interviews, holograms, and more. Check out the map for exact locations you’ll need to visit.

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eastern region death stranding all uca facility locations map where to find
All Death Stranding Eastern Region UCA Facilities Map

1. Nick Easton – Capital Knot City Reward Unlocks

This is the first UCA facility that you’ll visit, and the rewards that it offers are mostly necessities that you can’t play the game without, such as the ladder. But that’s not all; there are other rewards that you can get of the cosmetic nature, like the baseball cap, as well as interview data and other interesting stuff.

Level 1 and 2: Postbox, Ladder, Donate Weapons & Equipment, Deliver Lost Cargo, Withdraw Cargo, Fabricate Equipment
Level 3: Bridges Baseball Cap, Interview Data
Level 4: Interview Data
Level 5: ?

2. George Baton – Waystation West of Capital Knot City Cosmetic Unlocks & Rewards

Level 1 and 2: Postbox
Level 3: Ludens Mask Frame Color (Rose Pink)
Level 4: ?
Level 5: ?

3. Benjamin Hancock – Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City Gear & Hologram Rewards

Level 1 and 2: PCC, Interview Data, Emails
Level 3: Bridges Boots, Interview Data
Level 4: Benjamin Hancock Hologram
Level 5: ?

4. John Wind – Wind Farm Easter Region Rewards

Level 1 and 2: Build Generator, Interviews, Bridge Links, Standard Orders, Garage, Entrust Cargo, Supply Requests
Level 3: ?
Level 4: ?
Level 5: Sam Sunglasses Color (Ghost Green)

5. Viktor Frank – Port Knot City Unlocks

Level 1: ?
Level 2: ?
Level 3: ?
Level 4: ?
Level 5: Sam Sunglasses Color (Yellow)

6. Ludens Fan Gear & Cosmetic Unlocks

Level 1 and 2: Hologram: Ludens Jumbo Nendroid Hologram Data
Level 3: Ludens Mask Frame Color (Coyote Brown)
Level 4: Ludens Fan Hologram
Level 5: ?

7. Musician Delivery Reward Items

Level 1 and Level 2: Harmonica (upon first delivery)
Level 3: ?
Level 4: ?
Level 5: ?

Central Region UCA Facilities Locations & Rewards in Death Stranding

The Central Region in Death Stranding has many, many more UCA Facilities than the Eastern Region; almost thirty, in fact. While that does mean that the bulk of the challenge is gonna be here, and that you’ll be spending a ton of time going to and fro making deliveries. Consequently, your time budgeting is going to be even more important, so you should have some idea of which rewards you want, in order to pick which facilities you wanna level up first. The map below will show you all the locations of the various facilities. More importantly, let’s start listing the rewards, shall we?

death stranding central region where to find all uca facility locations
All Death Stranding Central Region UCA Facilities Map

1. William Lake – Lake Knot City Rewards – Cosmetics, Items

Level 1 & Level 2: Interviews, Smoke Emitting Decoy Cargo, Ceramics
Level 3: Interviews, Reverse Trike, Reverse Trike (Long Range)
Level 4: Ludens Mask Color (Blue), William Lake Hologram
Level 5: Sunglasses (Blue)

2. Engineer Gear & Hologram Leveling Unlocks

Level 1 & Level 2: Interviews, Power Skeleton, Smoke Grenade
Level 3: Power Skeleton level 2, Smoke Grenade level 2
Level 4: Power Skeleton level 3
Level 5: Engineer Hologram

3. Elder UCA Facility Rewards – Hologram

Level 1: ?
Level 2: Fog-Emitting Decoy Cargo
Level 3: ?
Level 4: Elder Hologram
Level 5: ?

4. Craftsman Death Stranding Weapon Level Unlock Rewards

Level 1: ?
Level 2: Bola Gun Level 1
Level 3: Bola Gun Level 2, Custom Hematic Grenades
Level 4: ?
Level 5: ?

5. Thomas Southerland – Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City Rewards – Gear & Cosmetics

Level 1: Windmill Backpack Accessory
Level 2: Delivery Bot, Bridges Boots Level 2
Level 3: Long Range Truck Level 1
Level 4: Long Range Truck Level 2
Level 5: Long Range Truck Level 3

6. Alex Weatherstone – Weather Station Cosmetics, Gear, Accessory Level Unlocks

Level 1: Interviews, Safehouses, Timefall Shelter, Special Alloys
Level 2: PCC Level 2, Floating Carrier Level 1
Level 3: Floating Carrier Level 2
Level 4: Weather Talisman Backpack Accessory
Level 5 5: ?

7. Timefall Farmer – Timefall Farm Rewards – Music & Hologram

Level 1: Interviews, Music: “I’m Out”
Level 2: Odradek Scanner Nullification
Level 3: Odradek Human Detection
Level 4: ?
Level 5: Goose Hologram

8. Die-Hardman – Junk Dealer Hologram, Speed Skeleton, Gear Level Rewards

Level 1: ?
Level 2: Speed Skeleton Level 1, Smoke Bomb
Level 3: Speed Skeleton Level 2, Custom Chiral Ladder
Level 4: Custom Chiral Ladder, Remote Stun Bomb, Junk Dealer Hologram
Level 5: Speed Skeleton Level 3

9. Film Director Cosmetic & Item Level Unlocks

Level 1: J.F Rey “Sam” Glasses
Level 2: Hologram Generator
Level 3: ?
Level 4: Sunglasses Color (Wolf Gray), Film Director Hologram
Level 5: Cap (Wolf Gray)

10. Peter Englert Level Unlock Rewards – What Do You Get?

Level 1: ?
Level 2: ?
Level 3: HG Custom Handgun
Level 4: HG Custom Shotgun & Riot Shotgun
Level 5: HG Custom Assault Rifle (lethal and non-lethal)

Collector Customization Items and Other Leveling Rewards

Level 1: Ludens Mask frame color (Emergency Yellow),
Level 2: Backpack Cover
Level 3: Backpack Color (Emergency Yellow)
Level 4: Backpack Cover Level 2, Sunglasses Color (Emergency Yellow)
Level 5: Cap Color (Emergency Yellow)

Chiral Artist – Chiral Artist Studio Level Reward Unlocks

Level 1: ?
Level 2: Anti-BT Handgun Level 1
Level 3: Anti-BT Handgun Level 2, Chiral Boots
Level 4: Chiral Artist Hologram
Level 5: ?

South Knot City Weapons & Other Rewards

Level 1: ?
Level 2: Grenade, Assault Rifle, Handgun
Level 3: Handgun Level 2, Reverse Trike: Defensive
Level 4: Truck: Defensive, Delivery Bot
Level 5: ?

Cosplayer Holgoram & Gear & Other Unlocks for Leveling

Level 1: Otter Hood
Level 2: Utility Pouch Bag Upgrade
Level 3: Large Grenade Pouch
Level 4: Wandering MC and Cosplayer Holograms
Level 5: Backpack Color (Omnireflector)

Veteran Porter Level Rewards

Level 1: Vehicle Color (Omnireflector)
Level 2: Porter Backpack Decoration
Level 3: ?
Level 4: ?
Level 5: ?

Charles Khan: Waystation North of Mountain Knot City – What Does Leveling Unlock?

Level 1: ?
Level 2: Non-Lethal Assault Rifle, Armor Plate Level 1
Level 3: Armor Plate Level 2
Level 4: Armor Plate Level 3
Level 5: Armor Plate Level 4

Phillip North: Distribution Center North of Mountain Knot City Weapons & Upgrades

Level 1: ?
Level 2: Non-Lethal & Regular Assault Rifle
Level 3: Spare Ammo Pouch
Level 4: ?
Level 5: ?

Novelist’s Son Cosmetic & Hologram Unlocks for Leveling

Level 1: Ludens Mask Color (Sandy Tan)
Level 2: Backpack Accessory (Bell)
Level 3: Novelist’s Son Hologram
Level 4: Backpack Color (Sandy Tan)
Level 5: ?

Photographer Weapons & Other Leveling Rewards – Shotgun

Level 1: ?
Level 2: Shotgun & Riot Shotgun Level 1
Level 3: Shotgun Level 2
Level 4: Riot Shotgun Level 2
Level 5: ?

Mountaineer Reward Unlocks for Leveling – Gear, Holograms

Level 1: ?
Level 2: Bridges Boots Level 3, Power Gloves,
Level 3: Custom Chiral Climbing Anchor
Level 4: Sam Sunglasses Color (Express Purple), Mountaineer Hologram, Mountain Guide Holograms
Level 5: Cap Color (Express Purple)

Spiritualist Customizations & Other Unlockable Rewards

Level 1 & 2: Backpack Accessory (Love Knot)
Level 3: Backpack Accessory (One Dollar Coin), Ludens Mask & Backpack Color (Bright Yellow)
Level 4: Cap Color (Bright Yellow), Spiritualist Hologram
Level 5: Sunglasses Color (Bright Yellow)

First Prepper Cosmetics & Other Level Unlocks

Level 1: ?
Level 2: Backpack Accessory (Monster Energy)
Level 3: Frame Mask & Backpack Color (Desert Pink)
Level 4: Cap Color (Desert Pink)
Level 5: ?

Aaron Hill – Mountain Knot City Reward Unlocks: Gear, Weapons

Level 1: Interviews
Level 2: Stabilizers, Hologram Data
Level 3: Assault Rifle & Non-Lethal Assault Rifle Level 3
Level 4: Third Delivery Bot
Level 5: ?

Doctor Gear, Cosmetics, & Other Unlocks

Level 1: ?
Level 2: Canteen Level 2
Level 3: High-Capacity Blood Bags, Ludens Mask & Backpack Color (Olive Drab)
Level 4: Sunglasses (Olive Drab)
Level 5: Cap (Olive Drab)

Heartman – Heartman’s Lab Items & Cosmetics Rewards

Level 1: Thermal Pad
Level 2: ?
Level 3: Ludens Mask Color (Lightning Blue), Backpack Accessory (Cryptobiote)
Level 4: ?
Level 5: Glasses Color (Lightning Blue)

Roboticist – All-Terrain Skeleton Level Unlock

Level 1: ?
Level 2: All-Terrain Skeleton Level 1
Level 3: All-Terrain Skeleton Level 2
Level 4: All-Terrain Skeleton Level 3
Level 5: ?

Geologist Rewards for Leveling – What Can You Unlock?

Level 1: ?
Level 2: Climbing Anchor Level 2
Level 3: Ludens Mask & Backpack Color (Mars Red)
Level 4: Geologist Hologram
Level 5: ?

Paleontologist Level Reward Gear

Level 1: ?
Level 2: Oxygen Mask, Hematic Grenade Level 2
Level 3: Ludens Mask Color (Volcano Orange)
Level 4: Paleontologist Hologram
Level 5: ?

Evo-Devo Biologist Weapon Rewards – How to Unlock Rocket Launcher?

Level 1: ?
Level 2: Grenade Launcher
Level 3: Ludens Mask Color (Red)
Level 4: Multi-Rocket Launcher
Level 5: ?

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